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Side Impact Accident

The Most Common Fatal Crash: Side Impact Accidents

While side-impact accidents are the most common type of car accident, many people perceive them as “less dangerous” than head-on collisions. At one time, that was true. And because it was true, much car accident safety technology was directed at reducing the risks associated with frontal collisions rather than side-impact accidents. But the success of those technological developments, such as air bags and better crumple zones, as well as the increased use of safety belts, has now elevated the side-impact accident into the car accident most likely to result in death or serious injury.

As a rule, today’s vehicles are much more crashworthy than they used to be. However, the increased number of vehicles and drivers on the roads today means that car accidents—of any type—are also more likely to happen, which in turn means that side-impact accidents are happening with greater frequency. To address the risk of death and injury from side-impact accidents—which encompass any crash occurring at an angle (that is, not a head-on or rear-end collision) —more car manufacturers are now paying greater attention to addressing the dangers associated with side-impact crashes. These safety measures include incorporating side air-bags for both drivers and passengers into their vehicles, and strengthening components of the “safety cage” that surrounds the passenger compartment, such as door pillars.

One of the reasons side-impact crashes are so dangerous is that there are risks associated with side-impact accidents that do not come into play as critically with head-on and rear-end collisions. First, there is very little to protect a vehicle’s occupants from bearing the brunt of a side-impact accident—typically, there is only a door between the oncoming vehicle and the occupant, rather than an engine or trunk to absorb the majority of the impact.

Second, the wide variation between the sizes of vehicles on the road today, and, in particular, the prevalence of full-size trucks and SUVs, can mean that a side-impact accident may involve vehicles of widely disparate heights and weights. If a driver in a compact car is struck on the driver’s side by a heavy, high vehicle such as a truck or SUV, the chances of the driver suffering a fatal injury or a head injury increases significantly, particularly if the driver has a slight build.

Third, other than when side-impact air bags deploy, there is little to prevent a driver and any passengers struck in a side-impact accident from having their heads and necks being severely jarred, and their bodies thrown within the passenger compartment—even though properly used and functioning safety belts can limit severe motion. This means that side-impact crashes can result in serious head injuries or spinal injuries that can lead to permanent disability.

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