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Since the 1980s, public service announcements and education campaigns have sent the message that alcohol and driving do not mix. Despite tough laws, however, DUI accidents continue to happen on Hollywood and Florida streets. These accidents are very preventable and are often extremely frustrating for families who have been affected, especially since many DUI drivers are repeat offenders and had many other options besides driving drunk.

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How Alcohol Affects Driving Ability

Alcohol is a controlled substance because it can affect mobility and decision-making. Numerous studies have also shown that drinking and driving is a dangerous combination because:

  • Drinking lower inhibitions, which means that drivers may take more risks behind the wheel
  • Alcohol slows reaction time, so that drivers may not be able to stop in time to avoid a rear-end crash or other collision
  • Drinking increases fatigue, which can cause drunk drivers to fall asleep at the wheel
  • Alcohol affects mobility, which can affect ability to drive
  • Alcohol affects mood and can lead to instances of road rage and aggressive driving
  • Drinking affects decision-making, which can lead drivers to make poor choices (such as speeding, going the wrong way, or racing)

Despite all these excellent reasons not to drive, many people continue to drive inebriated. Some people even have multiple DUI charges and convictions because they continue to drive impaired.

There are many reasons why people make the decision to drive under the influence:

  • Their judgment is affected by the alcohol and they assume that they are safe to drive
  • They do not feel “too drunk”
  • Peer pressure
  • They do not plan ahead
  • Alcoholism
  • They do not want to face the costs of taking a taxi or the inconvenience of calling a friend

There is no good reason for drinking and driving, especially since we know that it can so easily lead to tragedy.

Drunk Driving and Buzzed Driving

In Florida, drivers are considered over the legal limit if their blood alcohol levels are 0.08 or above. For drivers under the age of 21, no alcohol is permitted. The amount of alcohol that a person can consume before they are over the legal limit varies depending on age, weight, and other factors. However, one thing to consider is that even before the legal limit is reached, a person’s ability to drive may be compromised by drinking.

In fact, many safety experts have launched campaigns to warn drivers about the dangers of “buzzed driving,” or driving while still being under the legal blood alcohol limit. Even after only one or two drinks, a driver may find their mobility and reaction times compromised. A driver who is only buzzed and not legally drunk can still cause a traffic collision and injuries.

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