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Pot Hole Accidents

Potholes are a major cause of traffic accidents in Miami. Potholes are created on roads when the top layer of asphalt wears away from the road surface, revealing the concrete underneath. Potholes, if left unfilled, can grow and expand, widening and reaching depths of up to 10 inches. Potholes create uneven surfaces on the road which can cause car accidents. Each year, people are seriously injured because they unexpectedly drive into road damage areas such as pot holes. Potholes can also cause serious damage to your car. In fact, driving into a deep hole in the roadway can have the same impact on your car as a low-speed car accident. Potholes can also cause damage to your car's suspension and shocks.

Consulting with an Attorney After a Traffic Accident in Miami

If you have been injured in a car accident in Miami and believe that the state of the roads resulted in the accident, you will need to consult with a personal injury attorney in the Miami area in order to discuss your options. Under Florida law, you have the right to seek a legal claim if road conditions have caused your accident and injuries. The Flaxman Law Group legal team has spent the past 25 years representing personal injury and car accident victims across South Florida. They have recovered more than $25 million on behalf of victims and continue to pursue justice on behalf of those who have been injured in car accidents and other accidents caused by negligence.

Filing a Claim After a Car Accident in Miami

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident in Miami or anywhere in South Florida and your accident was caused by negligence or recklessness, you have the legal right to seek compensation from liable parties. You can pursue a claim in civil court and in many cases you can have a personal injury attorney negotiate with insurance carriers for a fair settlement. In many cases, victims of personal injury in Miami find that they get faster compensation as well as fair compensation for their injuries by working with a personal injury attorney. Working with an attorney can be especially important if your accident was caused by a pothole. In these cases, you will generally need to show that the city was responsible for the poor road maintenance leading to the accident and injuries. Pursuing a local government usually requires an experienced attorney.

The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group represents and works with traffic accident victims in Miami and across South Florida as well as personal injury victims across the South Florida area. Contact the law firm through this website works by calling their 24 hour a day, seven days a week phone number in order to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation. The legal staff at the Flaxman Law Group have decades of experience as well as access to resources that can help you heal and can help build a strong case on your behalf. Call the professional and friendly staff today to find out more about your options.