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Bus Accidents

bus accident Buses are often an economical and ecologically-responsible way to get around and are a good option for transporting groups of people. While bus accidents are far rarer than car accidents, thousands of accidents involving chartered buses, tour buses, and even school buses take place each year. These accidents can cause fatalities, serious injuries, and property damage. If you have been in this type of accident, contact a Hollywood bus accident attorney immediately.

The Risks of Bus Accidents in Hollywood and South Florida

One major factor of bus accidents is that most buses do not have seat belts available. This means that in an accident, passengers can be thrown about a great deal. When passengers are thrown against the sides or ceiling of the bus, they can sustain serious injuries. Further, bus passengers sometimes bring along large packages, parcels, or bags with them on board. Most buses do not have closed overhead bins. In the event of an accident, personal items and bags often become airborne and may cause brain injuries and other serous injuries when they collide with passengers.

Bus accidents also often result in tragedy because of the way that buses are designed. Most buses are large and bulky, with a high center of gravity. This means that buses can easily roll over, causing catastrophic injuries to passengers trapped inside. Due to their large size, buses can instantly kill pedestrians in pedestrian-bus accidents or can seriously injure car passengers if the bus collides with a car. When a fatality or any serious injury occurs, it’s important for affected parties to speak with a bus accident attorney in Hollywood or their community to get the facts about their rights and legal options.

School Bus Accidents in Hollywood and South Florida

Perhaps one of the most tragic types of bus accident is the school bus accident. Parents entrust schools and bus companies to ferry their children to school, camp, school trips, and other activities. When a school bus accident occurs, children are often seriously injured. Due to their smaller size, children can be thrown around more violently in the event of a bus accident and may not know how to remain calm or how to survive.

Tour bus operators, drivers, and companies chartering or offering bus rides are responsible for keeping their buses safe. After a bus accident, liability is determined by investigating possible driver error, road conditions, weather conditions, the bus design and manufacturer, bus maintenance, and other factors that may have led to the accident. A qualified Hollywood bus accident accident attorney often calls on the help of professional investigators to consider and weigh all the possible causes of a bus accident.

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