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Truck Accident

Each year, thousands of trucks are involved in multiple-vehicle, fatal car accidents. Statistics show that trucks are more likely to be involved in serious multi-car crashes than sedans and other passenger cars. The reports of injuries from truck accidents also show that truck accidents can be more deadly: many truck accidents involve fatalities, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other serious, permanent injuries. Unfortunately, Florida does not have a safe trucking record. Since 2000, Florida has frequently appeared on the “top five” list of states with the most trucking accidents. Every Hollywood trucking accident attorney has seen their share of devastating injuries, simply because these collisions do occur so frequently.

Trucks are an important part of many companies. Big rigs, 18-wheelers, Mack trucks, and tractor-trailers help companies transport their products around the country and around the world. Trucks are also crucial in moves and we all rely on dump trucks to keep our streets and homes clean. Cement trucks help us build our homes. However, these machines are heavy and powerful. Most can completely crush a vehicle and all passengers inside. Trucks, when fully loaded, can weigh more than 80,000 pounds, or twenty times the weight of an average car.

Common Causes of Truck Collisions in South Florida

Research has shown that many trucking accidents are completely avoidable. While many companies are responsible in ensuring that their trucks and drivers are safe, some are not. Some companies overburden their trucks with excess weight, which can cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle. Some companies avoid strict maintenance schedules or pressure their drivers to drive for longer hours than is considered safe. In some cases, dangerous merchandise is shipped incorrectly or is not adequately secured to the truck. All of these problems can cause fatal accidents. A Hollywood trucking accident attorney working on truck accident cases will often investigate these causes when creating a case.

Trucking accident

Truck drivers themselves sometimes take risks on the road. Some drive extra hours in order to make a deadline, in some cases falling asleep at the wheel. While many drivers strive to drive safely, some take risks on the road, speeding to cover more miles, or making unsafe passes and turns. In a small number of cases, trucking accidents have been drunk driving accidents.

Companies have a responsibility to keep Florida’s streets safe, and that means keeping trucks safe. If a company takes risk with their trucks or truck drivers, it is important to ensure that the company is held accountable. Holding companies accountable to the full extent of the law can help prevent further tragedies caused by truck accidents.

Working with a Hollywood Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in Miami, Hollywood, Homestead, or the surrounding South Florida area, you may have many questions. Unfortunately, some companies hide behind insurance policies or try to deflect blame to avoid liability. It is important to speak to a qualified Florida attorney. A good trucking accident lawyer in Hollywood or your community can help you understand your rights and your options. He or she can also help you find out the causes of a trucking accident. If a truck accident has left you with huge medical bills, lost income, and other costs, a good Florida personal injury attorney can ensure that you do not have to pay all these bills yourself.

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