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Our Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Careless drivers can cause life-changing injuries to other people on the road. A victim of a car crash has a right to pursue compensation for their medical bills related to the accident, as well as other financial losses such as their lost income and earning capacity. They also can recover compensation for pain and suffering sustained as a result of the accident. Proving liability in a car accident case usually involves showing that another driver failed to take reasonable precautions to avoid putting other people at risk, and the accident resulted directly from their unsafe driving. Our Hollywood personal injury lawyers can investigate your case thoroughly and handle settlement negotiations and any necessary litigation on your behalf.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Lease agreements and rental laws are supposed to protect both landlords and tenants, but it’s still common for disagreements to arise. Nonpayment of rent, eviction, unsafe premises, property damage, and other issues can be challenging. In many cases, negotiation can resolve the disagreement, but if you do need to file a claim the laws surrounding rentals can be complex. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, our landlord-tenant dispute resolution attorneys can help you understand your rights and may be able to work to help you avoid a costly lawsuit.

Construction Accidents

The dangers of the construction industry can result in severe harm to many Florida residents who work at construction sites. They may fall from a height, suffer injuries from a falling object or structure, be struck by a vehicle, or encounter defective or malfunctioning equipment. The primary remedy in these situations is the workers’ compensation system, which replaces an injured worker’s right to sue their employer for damages. Workers’ compensation benefits are provided regardless of fault, as long as an accident happened on the job. If a third party other than your employer was responsible for an accident, you may be able to bring a personal injury claim against them for additional damages.

Medical Malpractice

The negligence of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical providers sometimes leaves patients worse off than when they sought treatment. An error can happen during surgery, childbirth, the diagnostic process, the provision of anesthesia, and many other common situations in the health care context. Establishing the liability of a medical provider involves meeting certain procedural requirements under Florida law, as well as introducing testimony from an expert witness. The standard of care in these cases is based on the specific procedures and practices of the defendant’s specialty. Our personal injury attorneys can help Hollywood residents and other victims build these complex cases.

Motorcycle Accidents

Not every driver recognizes that a motorcyclist has just as much right to use the road as they do. Sometimes a driver will fail to notice a motorcyclist who is next to them or approaching them, or they may cut off a motorcyclist by making an abrupt lane change. A victim of a motorcycle accident may sustain catastrophic or even fatal injuries, due to the lack of protection afforded by their vehicle. Recovering compensation sometimes involves overcoming bias against motorcyclists and defeating an argument that the victim was partly responsible for the crash. We are ready to help you counter these allegations by drivers and insurers so that you maximize the damages available.

Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence

If you place a loved one in a nursing home, you likely trust the facility to provide them with the appropriate care and supervision. Unfortunately, the local and national media have reported many instances in which nursing home staff have neglected or even abused residents, causing physical and emotional harm. Your loved one may not report the mistreatment, so you should be alert to any unexplained injuries or health conditions, as well as uncharacteristic behaviors. A nursing home resident or their family can sue a facility and the relevant employees for their pain and suffering, as well as any medical or therapy bills related to the neglect or abuse.

Premises Liability

A customer at a business or a guest at a private residence has a right to expect that the property will be free of unexpected hazards. If a property owner fails to address a dangerous condition of which they knew or should have known, this may result in liability for an accident on the property. Our Hollywood personal injury attorneys can help victims bring premises liability claims, gathering evidence to show how long a hazard existed and prove that a person or entity in the defendant’s position should have been aware of it. This may involve collecting surveillance videos, interviewing witnesses, and consulting experts on industry standards.

Products Liability

Defective consumer products can take many forms, ranging from prescription drugs and medical devices to car parts, child products, and home improvement tools. Manufacturers often are driven by the profit motive to release items to market before their safety is assured. If this has caused injuries to a loved one or you, you should explore the option of bringing a products liability claim. You can hold a manufacturer strictly liable for a defective product in many situations, even if you cannot prove the manufacturer’s negligence. A defect may have occurred during the design process, the manufacturing process, or the marketing process.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Perhaps the most common type of accident on property is a slip and fall. This happens when a property owner leaves a slippery or sticky substance on the floor for an unreasonable amount of time, and an unsuspecting victim loses their footing and falls, suffering injuries. For example, perhaps a supermarket failed to mop spilled soda in an aisle, or perhaps it failed to place a wet floor sign after mopping the area. A property owner is responsible for either cleaning up or warning about a spill. Sometimes a slip and fall aggravates a pre-existing condition rather than causing a new injury, but the defendant still will be required to compensate the victim for the extent of the aggravation.

Truck Accident

Truck drivers and trucking companies that operate in interstate commerce must obey the regulations provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Florida also imposes regulations on drivers and companies that operate only within the state. Violating these regulations or engaging in other forms of careless conduct behind the wheel can cause a high-impact collision and permanent injuries to the occupants of a passenger car. A victim may be able to sue the trucking company as well as the driver in these situations, as long as the driver was on the job. Sometimes a trucking company will be independently liable for a truck accident if it failed to properly hire or supervise a driver or maintain its trucks.

Wrongful Death

A fatal accident can impose a severe financial and emotional burden on a family. They may have relied on a loved one for support and companionship, and they may have incurred substantial medical costs for their loved one’s treatment before their death. A wrongful death action can recover these losses from any person or entity responsible for the fatal accident. Florida law imposes strict requirements for these types of claims, so you should consult a personal injury lawyer in the Hollywood area to help you navigate the situation. Like personal injury cases, wrongful death actions must be brought within a statute of limitations, or the case probably will not be heard. This makes it essential to take prompt action.

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