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SUV & Van Rollover Accidents

SUVMany customers have made vans and SUVs (sport utility vehicles) popular cars. Ironically, drivers are often attracted by these cars’ perceived stability and safety. Car manufacturers often make claims about safety ratings and safety features of these cars. However, many thousands of Americans are injured and killed each year driving SUVs and vans. Studies have shown that passengers in fifteen-passenger vans and SUVs are three times more likely to die in rollovers than passengers in regular medium-sized cars.

In parts of the country, some models of SUVs and vans actually sell out because they are so popular. Ironically, many customers buy these cars because they believe that in an accident the larger size of the vehicle will protect them against injury. The car industry promotes this idea in advertising, showing SUVs charging through rough terrain and showing vans carrying car loads of children safely.

In reality, however, the large size of vans and SUVs creates the danger of rollovers. Vans and SUVs have a relatively low wheel base and a larger load on top than medium-sized sedans. The high suspension of these vehicles creates a high center of gravity. In an accident, this can cause an SUV or van rollover. Rollovers are especially common when a driver has to execute a tight turn, a skid, or a sudden swerve.

SUV and van rollover accidents can cause serious damage and injury. When a vehicle flips, the passengers inside may be roughly shaken or may crash into the ceiling or sides of the vehicle. This can cause serious brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and even fatalities. In addition, during a rollover, part of the roof or sides of the vehicle may collapse and slam against the passengers, causing death or serious injury.

SUV and van rollovers are sometimes caused by car design, so these accidents can be a product liability issue. However, other factors may contribute to an SUV or van rollover. Road conditions or another driver’s recklessness or negligence, for example, can cause a car rollover. If you have been injured in an SUV or van rollover, a qualified South Florida attorney can help you determine the causes of the accident, so that you can have the answers and the peace of mind you deserve.

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