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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk DrivingIn 2006, 29% of all Florida car accident fatalities involved drunk driving. Although driving with a blood alcohol level above 0.08% is illegal across the country, many people continue to drive under the influence of alcohol. Ignorance is not an issue: extensive public service advertisements and awareness campaigns have been in place since the 1980s, teaching drivers not to drink and drive. All driver education classes emphasize the importance of not drinking and driving.

Alcohol slows response times, lowers inhibitions, and makes the drinker sleepy. Behind the wheel of a vehicle, this combination can prove deadly. Drivers driving under the influence have literally fallen asleep or passed out at the wheel, losing control of their car. Drunk drivers also often have a very cavalier attitude about rules of the road, making dangerous passes and turns, not checking blind spots, and generally driving in an aggressive and dangerous manner. With response times slowed, they are often unable to take defensive measures to avoid an accident. All police departments, Florida personal injury attorneys, and authorities across the country agree: drunk driving is incredibly dangerous.

Drunk driving accidents often lead to fatalities and serious injuries. People who drive while drunk can collide with stationary objects after leaving the road or can crash into other cars. Many drunk driving accidents are pedestrian accidents – drivers under the influence often do not have the response times to stop or swerve when they see a pedestrian crossing the street. Multiple-vehicle crashes are also common when alcohol is involved.

Perhaps the true tragedy of drunk driving accidents is that they are completely preventable. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to drive after drinking. Cabs, buses, and other forms of safe transportation are readily available across the country. It is possible to check into a hotel or stay at a friend’s home or public place instead of driving.

While in most cases, drivers are held liable for drunk driving accidents, some responsibly for drunk driving can rest elsewhere, too. Bars and restaurants have a responsibility to stop serving drinks to someone who is obviously intoxicated and some bars have been held accountable for creating conditions that allow drunk driving to take place. South Florida attorneys will often consider all the possible responsible parties when evaluating a drunk driving case.

For victims’ families, one common frustration is that many people causing drunk driving accidents have multiple drunk driving charges or convictions on their records. Most people who drive drunk do so not just once, but habitually. This can be very difficult for a grieving family to cope with. A qualified South Florida personal injury attorney can work with you to ensure that driver with multiple convictions for drunk driving is forced to take responsibility for his or her actions and is compelled to face the full penalty under the law.

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