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Road Departure

The roads in Hollywood and the rest of South Florida are designed to provide a safe surface for driving, so driving off the road or being pushed off the road in a collision can be one of the most dangerous situations for motorists. One of the most frightening types of car accidents that occur involves a vehicle leaving the road entirely. Road departure accidents occur when a car veers out of control and crosses a center line or any road marking, leading the vehicle to leave the roadway. This type of crash can cause a car to drive into a ditch, field, or other off-road area.

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Causes of Lane and Road Departure Accidents

According to the Federal Highway Administration, road departure accidents are very common – and very deadly. The agency reports that in 2011, there were 15,307 fatal car collisions across the United States involving roadway departure. These accidents caused 16,948 deaths and represented more than half of all fatal accidents across the United States.

There are many things that can lead to road and lane departure collisions, including:

  • Speeding
  • Fatigued driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk or inebriated driving
  • Poor road or weather conditions
  • Swerving suddenly
  • Mechanical failure
Why are Road and Lane Departure Accidents so Dangerous?

There are many dangers present with road departure accidents, including:

  • The car may tip forward into a ditch, causing more serious injury
  • The car may enter a body of water if the accident happens over a bridge, which can pose a drowning hazard
  • Off-road areas may have their own hazards and the car may not be designed to deal with those hazards
  • Due to the change in road surface, there is a rollover hazard
  • The car may crash into a barrier such as a guard rail when leaving the road, which can cause additional damage

Road departure accidents can be single vehicle collisions or multiple vehicle collisions. Since these types of crashes involve enough force to push a car off of the road, the injuries sustained can be more severe due to the severity of the collisions. Also known as run-off -the-road crashes, these types of collisions can lead to permanent injuries, such as spinal cord or head injuries, or even to fatalities.

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