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Recreational Vehicle Accidents

In South Florida and in Hollywood specifically, residents and visitors enjoy a range of recreational activities year-round. In many cases, the fun can involve a recreational vehicle. Recreational vehicles can include scooters, boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, camper vans, trailers, pop-up, caravans, RVs, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), and other vehicles intended for land and water. These vehicles can be purchased in Florida, brought into the state, or rented by visitors. Most users of recreational vehicles simply have fun in the sun, but for some mechanical defects or collisions lead to injuries or even fatalities.

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RVs and Collisions

Recreational Vehicles (RVs), campers, and similar vehicles are extremely popular in Florida. For drivers, they offer the freedom of the road, and visitors as well as residents of Hollywood rely on these types of vehicles to explore the state and to go camping.

The problem with these vehicles is that they combine camping and driving; in some cases, this combination can prove deadly. If drivers are negligent, they can cause catastrophic collisions, especially due to the size of the vehicles. When drivers are distracted by what is going on the camper, they can easily cause broadside, rear-end, and intersection accidents.

RVs can also be unwieldy and do come with many blind spots, which can make them harder to maneuver, back up, and drive. Due to design features and inexperience, motorists may find themselves getting involved in a collision on roads and highways and in campgrounds or parking lots. RV users are expected to take added precautions due to the dangers of their vehicles, and when they do not they can be held liable.

Although RV manufacturers are expected to design safe vehicles for sale, in some cases manufacturing or design flaws find their way onto the showroom and onto our roads. Poorly designed or defective RVs pose a huge danger on the roads. When a full RV cannot stop due to faulty brakes or veers out of control due to defective tires, innocent bystanders can be hurt or killed in the resulting rollover or crash.

Water Recreational Vehicles

In addition to campers and recreational vehicles intended for land, water-based recreational vehicles such as Jet-Skis, boats, yachts, and other vehicles are extremely popular in Hollywood and the rest of South Florida. Due to negligence or product defects, these vehicles can also cause tragedy on the water.


All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a popular form of recreation for those who do not want to be bound by the road. Unfortunately, due to their top-heavy design these vehicles can rollover and can cause serious head injuries or can crush passengers. Tragically, these vehicles can legally be operated by minors and children, who are most likely to be seriously injured in an ATV crash. Over the past few years, a number of lawsuits have been launched due to ATV collisions and rollovers.

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