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Center of Gravity

Some vehicles – including SUVs, vans, buses, ATVs, and trucks – have a higher center of gravity. In a collision, this can be especially dangerous as it can cause a rollover crash. Even larger vehicles such as SUVs, which seem very sturdy, may be vulnerable to rollover accidents because of the way that these car designs distribute weight. In Hollywood and in many cities across the state, serious rollover collisions are caused by car designs that include a higher center of gravity.

As part of the Hollywood community, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have seen their fair share of serious car collisions in the area. The legal team at our law firm has even represented some of the passengers and drivers injured in these crashes, so we know that rollovers tend to be among the most dangerous accidents on our roads. If you or someone you love has been injured in this type of crash, contact our law firm at any time for a compassionate and honest legal evaluation of your situation. Your initial consultation with us is free of charge or obligation; it is a way for you to get answers and explore all your options before you move forward.

Why a High Center of Gravity Can Lead to Rollover Car Crashes

Just as anything that is top-heavy is likely to topple over, a vehicle with a high center of gravity may be vulnerable in a crash. The weight distribution can make these vehicles less sturdy and can cause a collision, especially when other factors are at play. A car, SUV, van, or truck may be especially vulnerable to a rollover crash if:

  • The driver is speeding
  • The road is uneven
  • The driver takes a sharp turn too quickly
  • The car hits a stationary object or guardrail
  • The car drives on a soft road shoulder

Contrary to what many people believe, many rollover crashes are single-vehicle collisions where the vehicle hits a stationary object or enters an uneven surface. In these and other conditions, the top-heavy nature of the vehicle can cause the SUV or truck to roll over on its side or on its roof. In some cases, the car may roll over multiple times before coming to a full stop.

Why a High Center of Gravity is Dangerous

Rollover accidents caused by high centers of gravity are often fatal because they do cause a vehicle to roll over on its side or its roof. This creates a considerable impact, meaning that passengers can get thrown about inside of the vehicle, causing serious injury. If the car comes to a rest on its side or its roof, passengers may not be able to leave the vehicle easily or may find their heads colliding with the roof or the door, causing possible head trauma. If the car comes to rest on its roof, the roof can collapse under the pressure and the weight, crushing passengers trapped inside.

In some cases, passengers who are injured in these types of collisions may have a legal claim against the manufacturer of the vehicle. If the design of the vehicle contributed to a higher than normal rollover risk, a court may find that the car maker was negligent in designing and manufacturing the car.

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