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misdiagnosisPatients meet with physicians, nurses, surgeons, radiologists, and other medical professionals to get accurate assessments of their medical conditions. An accurate diagnosis of a medical condition is vital to ensure that the patient gets the right medical care for their illness. When misdiagnosis occurs, the results can be devastating.

Misdiagnosis involves inaccurately evaluating a patient’s condition. This can result in the wrong treatment being used. In some cases, patients are misdiagnosed as healthy when in fact they have an illness that needs treatment. Without treatment, patients may develop complications or even die due to lack of treatment. Cancer misdiagnosis can be especially harmful, as it delays treatment that can save a patient’s life. Cancer, if not caught early, can spread throughout the body and become fatal. Even relatively treatable diseases and cancers can become fatal when errors in diagnosis occur.

In addition to deaths caused by fatal misdiagnosis, misdiagnosis can lead to serious and permanent injury. South Florida personal injury attorneys dealing with misdiagnosis cases often help patients who have been permanently injured as a result of a wrong diagnosis. If a patient is diagnosed with cancer when they do not in fact have the disease, for example, the patient may have organs removed or may become very ill from unnecessary chemotherapy.

Tragically, in many cases, misdiagnosis is very preventable. Errors in diagnosis are often the result of negligence on the part of health care professions. In many cases, fatal misdiagnosis occurs when medical professionals do not adhere to established treatment protocols.

Patients affected by misdiagnosis often have many questions about how their misdiagnosis occurred. In the Miami, Hollywood, Homestead, and surrounding areas, a qualified South Florida attorney can often help provide answers. A South Florida personal injury lawyer usually works with private investigators and other professionals in order to help establish exactly how a misdiagnosis took place. In many cases, this sort of investigation can help uncover negligence and treatment protocol problems.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to misdiagnosis, Florida law allows you to seek legal help. Assistance from a qualified South Florida lawyer can help you establish how a misdiagnosis was made. Without a Florida personal injury attorney, it is often difficult to get answers since medical professionals are protected by insurance companies and internal investigations. Often, it is difficult for a private individual alone to get answers about faulty tests and procedures. A qualified attorney can help you get these answers.

A good Florida personal injury attorney can also help you get a fair settlement to help you heal. With a settlement, you can seek the best possible medical treatment to help correct some of the damage done by your misdiagnosis. Without this legal assistance, you may simply not have the financial resources to get the best possible medical help.

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