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Overweight/Overloaded Trucks

Trucks that exceed safe weight limits are a serious concern on Miami streets. Unfortunately, truck companies have a vested interest as well as a financial interest in placing heavier trucks on the road. Trucks that have more cargo on them can deliver more goods at a lower cost, saving truck companies money. State laws and federal laws, however, limit the amount of cargo that a truck can carry, and scales along roadways ensure that trucks comply with these rules. Unfortunately, there are still many instances where trucks overload cargo, which can cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle and cause a truck accident. Truck accidents in Miami are also often caused by trucks that have exceeded their weight and have placed extra pressure on brakes and tires. When tires and brakes fail due to an overloaded truck, traffic accidents are a common occurrence.

If you have been involved in a truck accident in Miami caused by an overloaded truck, you have the legal right to seek compensation. In cases like these, it is evident that someone has violated laws and rules intended to keep you safe. You can pursue compensation to get money for medical bills, lost income, and other expenses that you may have suffered as a result of your injuries. The Flaxman Law Group legal team has spent 25 years representing thousands of personal injury victims across South Florida. They have helped victims in Miami and across South Florida recover more than $25 million in compensation. If you are injured in Miami, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free case evaluation.

Finding Liable Parties After a Truck Accident

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Miami, there may be many liable parties. While this can help you secure a fair compensation, it can also make it harder to find liable parties. In these types of cases, liable parties often point to each other, displacing blame. Liable parties in this type of accident may include:

  • The truck company
  • The truck driver
  • The company responsible for the loading the cargo
  • The company who owns the cargo

It often takes a personal injury attorney in Miami who has experience with truck accident cases to make sense of the case and to properly investigate the accident in order to get answers for you. An experienced attorney can hire investigators and other professionals who can determine who is at fault and can help you build a strong case that leads to fairer compensation for your injuries.

Getting Help After a Truck Accident

If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Miami, contact the Flaxman Law Group legal team to arrange for a free case evaluation. Your free consultation comes with no obligation and allows you to get answers to your questions as well as legal advice about your situation, so that you understand your rights and options before you make any decisions related to your case. Your free case evaluation lets you learn about your options and ensures that you know how to move forward as you start on the path to recovery.