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Homestead Truck Accident

Homestead, Florida is a suburb of Miami, but although it is a smaller city than the metropolis, it has several world-class attractions. For example, Monkey Jungle is home to 400 primates, which roam free so that visitors can see them in their natural habitat. Another attraction in the area is Everglades Alligator Farm, where visitors can glimpse one of the farm's 2000 alligators while taking an airboat trip. Homestead is also close to Everglades National Park, which features plenty of wildlife as well as trails and more than 24,000 square miles of natural beauty. Biscayne National Park has 172,000 acres as well as water sport opportunities, including glass-bottom boat tours that allow visitors to catch a glimpse of marine life.

Like any city with many businesses, Homestead sees much truck traffic. Trucks bring in supplies for the city's many businesses and keep the economy functioning. Unfortunately, a high volume of truck traffic also means that Homestead sees its fair share of truck accidents.

Truck accidents tend to cause devastating injuries. They can cause Homestead spinal cord injuries, head injuries, burns, amputations, broken bones, and many other types of permanent, even fatal injuries. This is because the size and force of trucks can cause extreme damage to any passenger vehicle involved in a Homestead traffic accident with these larger vehicles.

Many Homestead truck accidents lead to fatalities. Unfortunately, due to the fact that commercial trucks are so much larger than passenger vehicles - some commercial trucks weigh 80,000 pounds or more when fully loaded - they can easily crush or run over a smaller vehicle, leading to serious injuries for anyone inside. Many Homestead truck accidents also lead to serious brain injuries, which can easily prove fatal.

If you have been injured in a Homestead truck accident, it is important to speak to a Homestead personal injury attorney right away. You have a limited amount of time in which to file a claim if you decide to do so, and in many cases important evidence that could help your case is gone long before the statute of limitations runs out. Speaking with a Homestead personal injury attorney right away after your accident ensures that your rights are protected, that evidence is gathered, and that you have the best chance possible of securing fair compensation for your injuries.

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