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South Miami Wrongful Death

South Miami, Florida, is also known as The City of Pleasant Living. Situated in Miami Dade County, South Miami is known for its historic downtown, its many parks, and its tree-lined residential areas. With many unique independent shops and fine dining, South Miami is close to Miami but far enough away to be a great get-away. The city offers the best of urban amenities with the safety and green spaces of a smaller community.

While the loss of a loved one is always devastating, it can be even more shocking when the death is caused by someone’s reckless or negligence. When this happens, it is normal to have many questions. For this reason, it is to seek the advice and representation of a qualified South Miami personal injury attorney, who can often provide information about legal action, options, and other resources that can help your family heal.

Deaths that are caused by negligence are considered wrongful deaths under the law. South Miami wrongful deaths claims can occur as a result of a South Miami car accident, medical malpractice claim, and any accidental death caused by someone's negligence.

Certain relatives affected by a wrongful death can pursue legal claims against liable parties. In most cases, it is immediate relatives who can pursue a South Miami wrongful death claim under Florida law. Generally, the relatives who can seek compensation are those who are directly financially affected by a death. For example, spouses, children, and family dependents are usually the ones who pursue a South Miami wrongful death claim to recover compensation for a fatal accident.

Seeking a legal claim in a South Miami wrongful death case can ensure that your loved one did not suffer in vain. In many cases, a South Miami personal injury attorney can investigate the cause of the accident and fatality and in some cases can even put pressure on liable parties to ensure that steps are taken to prevent similar accidents in the future. Pursuing a legal claim often also ensures that the responsible parties are held accountable for their actions, which can be very helpful in helping your family heal. Finally, pursuing a legal claim also ensures that you are compensated for final medical costs, memorial expenses, and many other costs associated with losing a loved one. In many instances, the compensation that you get from a South Miami wrongful death legal claim can help you pay for therapy and other costs that can help you start to recover from your loss.

If you are struggling to cope with a death that you believe may be a wrongful death, contact the Flaxman Law Group today. The Flaxman Law Group can help advise you of current Florida laws and can help you understand what options and rights you have under current legislation. The Flaxman Law Group can also research and investigate the cause of the accident and can provide you with guidance as to your options. Your initial consultation with the Flaxman Law Group is free and comes with no obligation; it is a way to get more information before you make any final decisions in your case.