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South Miami Automobile & Motorcycle

If you own a motorcycle and are ever in a collision with a car, your accident could result in serious injuries as well as devastating financial losses for you. In addition to causing damage to your motorcycle, a serious traffic accident in South Miami can leave you with serious or permanent injuries that generate huge medical bills and leave you unable to work. What is even more galling is that the at-fault driver of a passenger car in the same crash may walk away with no injuries at all – and may even blame the motorcyclist in the accident.

Are you frustrated and worried about your future following a car and motorcycle accident? Contact Flaxman Law Group today to review your situation with a personal injury attorney. You may have more options than you think and your first consultation is free and comes with no obligation, so you risk nothing by getting legal advice.

Traffic Collisions Can Rob You Of More Than You Think

Of course, motorcycle accidents can be terrifying. However, they can also result in long-term injury and serious injury that can devastate you on many levels. After a serious motorcycle and car accident, it is common to:

  • Have substantial medical bills
  • Lose time at work and therefore income opportunities
  • Fall behind on bills because you are not making income
  • Struggle with the insurance claims process and have trouble getting fair compensation for your injuries
  • Have a hard time struggling with the pain and suffering that injuries can cause
  • Face substantial car or motorcycle replacement or repair bills
  • Feel devastated and have many questions

Does any of the above describe your situation? You may not have to face the healing process alone. There are local resources that can help accident survivors and speaking with a personal injury attorney in South Miami or your community can help generate some ideas of next steps you can take to protect your family’s finances.

Who is Liable for My Traffic Accident?

Determining fault after motorcycle and car accident is often a challenge. In all too many cases, the motorcyclist is blamed out of hand simply because people make assumptions about the maneuverability of the motorcycle or about the person riding a motorcycle. Determining what has caused the accident often requires accident reconstruction experts, private investigators, engineers, expert witnesses, and other professionals. Personal injury attorneys work with networks of these professionals in order to get to the bottom of your crash and in order to build a strong case on your behalf.

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