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South Miami Medical Malpractice

South Miami is a suburb of Miami, rich in history and with many historic buildings. The community's famous Cambridge Lawns Historic District has thirty historic properties, some dating back to the 1920s, in Tudor revival and Mediterranean styles. In addition to beautiful architecture, South Miami is known for its restaurants and its close proximity to all that Miami has to offer.

South Miami's medical facilities and medical professionals offer care to visitors and residents alike. Most provide a high level of care, but when medical professionals are negligent, patients have a right to seek legal redress. Under Florida law, patients who have been injured as a direct result of a medical professional's negligence can pursue a South Miami medical malpractice claim to seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other costs related to the injury. Medical negligence is tragic because it often affects those who are vulnerable because they are already ill. Negligence in this context can result in medical complications, permanent injury, longer hospital stays and even fatalities.

Pursuing a South Miami medical malpractice claim can result in many positive outcomes. It can help a patient find closure and the financial resources needed to make a fuller recovery. In many cases, it can also help bring about needed safety changes to ensure that other patients are not hurt. However, pursing this type of claim can be difficult. The injured patient and their attorney must be able to prove that medical negligence has taken place and that the negligence directly caused an injury. They must also show how much the injury will cost the patient. In most cases, medical professionals and facilities are protected by powerful insurance companies and unions, so patients will generally need to work with a highly skilled and experienced South Miami personal injury attorney to be successful.

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