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South Miami Products Liability

South Miami, in Florida's Miami Dade County, is famous for its Cambridge Lawns Historic District. The district has 30 residences with impressive Tudor revival and Mediterranean-style architecture. Many of these homes date back to the 1920s and attract visitors from all over the world. South Miami is also famous for its shops, restaurants, and many businesses.

When you visit a business in South Miami, you expect the services and products that you are offered to be safe. Unfortunately, while there are many laws intended to protect the customer, each year thousands of people are severely injured or killed by defective products. There many ways that products can become defective. A design flaw can mean that the product is designed incorrectly and made to be unsafe. The manufacturing process can also create an unsafe product. Finally, product may be packaged or labeled incorrectly, not advising customers of the best way protect themselves from any possible dangers of a product.

In cases where a manufacturer, company owner, or retailer knows their product is defective or dangerous but continues to manufacture or sell that product, anyone who is injured by the defective product may be able to pursue a South Miami product liability case. In many cases, the severe injuries that result from a product liability case include South Miami burn injuries, fatalities, broken bones, and other serious injuries. These injuries can result from pharmaceutical products, cars, safety devices such as seat belts or helmets, appliances, and just about any other everyday items that you use. If the product was defective and known to be defective or if the manufacturers should have realized that the product is defective, you can pursue a South Miami personal injury claim in order to recover the costs of medical bills, lost income, and other costs associated with your injury.

While South Miami products liability claims can be challenging, there also very important. In many cases, it takes a legal claim in order for a company to issue a recall or to warn other customers that there may be a problem with the product. Filing a legal claim can help other customers against defective products. In many cases, multiple parties are injured by a defective product and in these cases it may be possible to launch a class-action claim. A class-action claim shines a spotlight on suspect manufacturing practices and possibly defective products.

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