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Slip and Falls


You know slip and fall accidents have become the butt of some humor in our society because people are embarrassed when they fall and sometimes these cases have developed a reputation that's undeserved do you know that many people that have fallen in my experience have suffered some of the most devastating injuries and I've seen many of em I years as a trial lawyer so don't dismiss these claims.

I represented a woman that was injured in a supermarket when she was removing ice cream from the freezer case behind her was a cart that was used by the stock boy to unload groceries he left it in the aisle even after he had finished using it she wasn't aware of it and backed up to leave the store and fell down and fractured her hip well the store argued she should have seen the cart it was there the lighting was good she's responsible for her injuries and I argued no she's not the stock boy should have removed the card when it was empty people are looking in the shelves for products that stores want to sell that's their job and then they blame people when they're looking at the products that they want to buy ridiculous we got her the money she deserved.

If you've been injured in a slip-and-fall accident or a trip and fall accident call me I have years of experience as a trial lawyer and I can help you with your case you.