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Shopping Mall Trip & Fall

Hollywood and other communities in South Florida are known as great places for shopping, with many small large shopping malls and shopping centers. While malls provide a very convenient way to shop, however, these businesses premises are also the site of many injuries and specifically many trip and fall injuries each year.

If you have been injured in a trip and fall accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, it is important to keep in mind that the state’s laws do protect you. If you would like legal advice about your injury, you can always reach the personal injury attorneys at Flaxman Law Group. Since the team at our law firm understands how stressful and frightening injuries can be, we offer free, no obligation consultations. If you have been injured, give us a call to schedule your no-cost consultation today.

Shopping Malls Can Mean a Higher Risk of Trip and Fall Injuries

There are many reasons why shopping malls pose an especially high risk of trip and fall and slip and fall accidents:

  • Shopping malls involve lots of stores as well as common areas and this can create some confusion about who is responsible for what areas
  • Shopping areas can include a lot of shoppers, especially at peak times, and this can make trip and fall accidents more likely
  • Many malls have elevators, escalators, stairs, and other higher-risk areas
  • Shoppers may be distracted by window displays, which can make trip and fall accidents more likely
  • Shoppers may leave debris or spilled drinks behind, causing a risk for others
  • Many shopping centers have high staff turnovers, and newly hired staff may not be familiar with all policies and job tasks (such as cleaning floors)
  • Small items may fall from racks or shelves, posing a tripping hazard
  • Shopping areas have high traffic areas and the floors in these areas can become worn quickly, posing a tripping hazard

Despite these risks, the managers of shopping malls as well as individual store managers are expected to take reasonable precautions to prevent injury. In fact, businesses have a high duty of care to their customers. When businesses and shopping malls fail to take the correct precautions, injured customers may have the right to seek compensation through a legal claim.

How Will You Get Compensation if You Are Injured in a Shopping Mall?

Unfortunately, people who are injured in shopping malls sometimes have a hard time getting compensation and justice for their injuries. The owners of the shopping mall and the companies leasing property from the mall will sometimes point the finger at each other, and it can be challenging to determine the exact cause of an injury. In some cases, shoppers are offered a very small settlement amount, even if this amount does not cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and other costs.

Do You Have a Claim?

The good news is that if you have been injured in a shopping mall there may be multiple liable parties, which can improve the chances of seeking coempsnation and justice. Unfortunately, these cases are often complex and require a very experienced personal injury legal team.

If you have been injured, you can always reach Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case review. The attorneys on our team have more than sixty years of combined experience. Our team has already helped secure more than $100 million in court wins and settlements for our clients. If you would like an honest legal assessment of your legal options, contact the law firm of Flaxman Law Group today for your no-cost case review.