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Run-Over by Equipment

Construction sites across Florida rely on lifts, cranes, trucks, and other pieces of heavy equipment in order to transport building materials, workers, and tools to and from construction sites. Unfortunately, having many types of heavy equipment in one small construction area can lead to accidents. Construction site accidents in Miami and across Florida routinely involve heavy equipment. One of the most tragic types of accidents of this nature is the run over accident, where workers are run over by forklifts, cranes, or other heavy equipment.

Run over accidents in Miami and across Florida often lead to death or long-term injury. Unfortunately, getting compensation in these cases can be challenging. There are multiple potential liable parties on a construction site, including equipment manufacturers, the driver of the equipment, the employer of the driver, the owner of the property, and other potential liable parties. In many cases, potential liable parties will pass the blame while the victim struggles to get fair compensation. The Flaxman Law Group legal team has worked for decades helping construction accident and personal injury victims in Miami and across Florida get fair compensation for their injuries. The Flaxman Law Group legal team aggressively pursues all liable parties on behalf of victims, so injured parties they can pay for long-term care, medical costs, lost income, and other injuries related to their accident. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today if you have been injured and want to find out about your rights.

Injuries resulting from run over accidents in Miami and other communities Run over accidents on Miami construction sites result in a range of injuries, including

These types of injuries can result in a lifetime of medical care, a lifetime of reduced income, years of recovery, and severe financial distress for the victim's family. In addition to high medical costs, home care, medication, and other expenses directly related to the injury, a family may suffer lost income or long-term reduced income due to the injury. In addition, families must cope with the emotional distress of the injury itself as well as the fear that a loved one may not recover fully from their injuries.

Healing after a run over accident in Miami or anywhere in Florida

The healing process for this type of injury can be complicated. It can take months of medical treatment as well as long-term rehabilitation and physical therapy in order to regain mobility if the injury was severe. In some cases, loss of mobility is permanent, leaving the victim unable to return to their usual employment. Securing fair compensation for injuries can help victims afford quality medical care and other resources needed to heal as fully as possible.

While workers compensation in Miami and Florida will help pay for some medical costs, in many cases it will not pay for long-term care or help the family recover all lost income related to this type of construction accident. Many victims seek legal representation in order to pursue a legal claim against any liable parties. This can help victims get fairer compensation to pay for needed medical costs. The Flaxman Law Group legal team has spent decades helping personal injury victims across South Florida with these types of cases. If you are interested in learning more, contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation.