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Restaurant Trip & Fall

Hollywood and surrounding areas have many great restaurants, representing many of the fine cuisines of the world. In fact, people travel from all over the country to dine in local restaurants and eateries. These restaurants are meant to be pleasant places to dine and enjoy time with friends and family. However, when restaurant owners and staff fail to take care of the hazards that can inevitably end up in a restaurant, patrons may pay the price by being injured in trip and fall accidents and other injury causing accidents.

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Restaurants are a Common Site for Trip and Fall Accidents

Unfortunately, trip and fall injuries are especially common in restaurants for a few reasons:

  • Other patrons may leave their belongings, purses, and other objects in aisles or along walkways
  • Restaurants may place chairs and other objects close together, posing a tripping hazard
  • Food may fall from plates or servers’ trays, leading to debris on the floor
  • Restaurants may have low lighting for ambience, which can cause poor lighting and poor visibility
  • Restaurants may use rugs or carpets to create a pleasant atmosphere, and these can pose a hazard
  • Most restaurants have objects on the table – such as candles or salt-and-pepper shakers – which could fall to the ground and pose a tripping hazard
  • Diners may be more focused on eating then on safety
  • Some restaurants serve alcohol, which can contribute to mobility problems and trip and fall accidents
Preventing Trip and Fall Accidents

Due to the higher risks associated with restaurants, restaurant owners, managers, and staff are expected to take added precautions to ensure that diners can use their facilities safely. There many things that restaurants are expected to do in order to keep patrons safe:

  • Train wait staff to ensure that staff understand basic safety procedures
  • Periodically check walkways and this dining area to ensure that there aren't any hazards
  • Wipe up any spills and remove debris on the floor promptly
  • Provide adequate lighting to allow patrons to walk safely through the restaurant
  • Have adequate coverage to help provide compensation for patrons who are injured in the restaurant
  • Space tables and chairs so that patrons can move around safely
  • Provide a coat check or other area where patrons can stash coats and other personal effects
  • Ensure that rugs and carpets are not worn and are properly secured to the floor
  • Properly maintain the property

If you are injured in a restaurant, it is important to consult with a local personal injury attorney right away. You may have a legal claim that allows you to seek compensation for your injuries.

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