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Poor Hygiene in Nursing Homes

Poor hygiene in nursing homes can lead to outbreaks of disease, contamination, and even fatalities. Poor hygiene can involve anything from staff not wash their hands to improper cleaning services to lack of proper care for the hygiene of residents. When poor hygiene has harmed a family member in a nursing home, it's time to contact a nursing home neglect lawyer serving Hollywood or your community. This type of neglect is completely preventable and should not be tolerated.

Why Does Poor Hygiene in Nursing Homes Happen in the First Place?

In many cases, hygiene issues occur due to understaffing. When there are too few staff members to take care of a nursing home and its residents, corners are cut. This may mean cleaning up surfaces less frequently or offering baths and cleanups to residents less often.

In other cases, lack of care and training can lead to inadequate hygiene. When staff are not told how to properly clean common areas or when handwashing isn't emphasized, poorly trained staff may not realize what steps they need to take for safety and cleanliness. Some staff are also simply do not take proper care, even when they have the proper training.

Poor systems can also cause inadequate hygiene. For example, staff may not have a system or checklist for cleaning off surfaces in private rooms or may not have a system for ensuring that floors are swept and cleaned.

Contact a Hollywood nursing home neglect lawyer if poor hygiene has resulted in an injury to you or a loved one. While there many reasons why unclean conditions happen, there is no excuse when negligence which leads to injury.

The Dangers of Poor Hygiene in Nursing Homes

Inadequate hygiene in nursing homes can be extremely dangerous. Since elderly residents may have pre-existing conditions, they can be especially vulnerable to germs and viruses which are spread due to uncleanliness. When a staff member fails to wash their hands when moving between patients, for example, he or she can spread germs from one patient to another and can even contribute to an outbreak or a wound infection.

Poor hygiene in common areas such as washrooms, kitchens and in private resident rooms can also be a danger in other ways. For example, improperly washed floors can lead to trip and fall or slip and fall accidents. Poor hygiene in the kitchen can lead to foodborne ailments and gastrointestinal issues.

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home, contact a Hollywood lawyer. In many cases, it can be difficult to tell whether an injury was caused by negligence or not. For example, a foodborne ailment may be brushed off as simply an accident. A thorough investigation by an attorney may reveal negligent care in the kitchen.

What to Do When Poor Hygiene in Nursing Homes Leads To an Injury

Anytime a loved one is injured in a nursing home, you will want to insist on a thorough investigation. You will want answers. If a family member has been injured in a care environment, you'll also want to contact a lawyer. An attorney can help you explore your legal options and can help you find the resources you need to fully support yourself or your family member.

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