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Pompano Beach Left Turn Collisions

Statistics have shown that a very common cause of motorcycle accidents in Pompano Beach and Florida involves a car or other vehicle making a left hand turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. This is also one of the most avoidable types of accidents possible.

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Why Do Left Turn Crashes Happen in Pompano Beach and Florida?

In many cases, left turn accidents occur because:

  • A motorist attempts to drive through an intersection without yielding to oncoming traffic
  • A driver passes another vehicle that is attempting to wait for oncoming traffic
  • A motorist makes a left hand turn in an area where such turns are prohibited
  • A driver makes a left turn when traffic signals or lights to not permit a turn
  • A driver does not signal or does not check for oncoming traffic before turning
  • A driver attempts to turn from the wrong lane
  • A motorist fails to yield right of way at an intersection
Fatal Left Turn Collisions

Unfortunately, some left turn collisions result in ultimate tragedy and claim lives. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal left turn crash, you will want to consult with a personal injury attorney. Even if your loved one had insurance, keep in mind that there may be dependents and children who were relying on your loved one.

Pursuing fair compensation in your case can help protect the entire family and can help you seek compensation for final medical costs, memorial expenses, lost income, and other costs. This can help your family during this difficult time so that you at least have the financial resources to start rebuilding your lives together. While seeking a wrongful death claim in Pompano Beach or your community will not bring your loved one back, it can help you secure justice and can help you pursue compensation so that you can help more vulnerable members of your family during this difficult time.

Cutting someone off on the road, whether intentional or not, is a terrible thing to do. When a motorcycle and left turning cars are involved, though, the results can be deadly. Motorcyclists are likely to suffer fatalities or serious injury because they don't have the layers of protection that a passenger car offers. When drivers are negligent and don't yield to oncoming traffic, they can seriously injure or harm somebody if they make a left turn incorrectly.

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