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Pompano Beach Rear-End Shunt Accidents

Rear-end shunt accidents often lead to fatalities in Pompano Beach and other Florida communities. The force of impact is often significant and the movement of the car can cause occupants of the struck car to jolt forward. Head injuries and other life-threatening injuries are quite common with these types of accidents. Worse, rear end shunt collisions will sometimes push the vehicle into oncoming traffic. This can mean that the secondary impact can fatally injure the occupants of the vehicle. Rear end shunt accidents are especially likely to be fatal if they involve a motorcycle that has been struck by a larger car. In these cases, the rear end accident is enough to push the motorcycle forward and to push the rider from the motorcycle, making them vulnerable to oncoming traffic and other hazards.

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Rear-End Car and Motorcycle Crashes in Pompano Beach and Florida

Rear-end collisions tend to be very serious for a number of reasons:

  • They are often intersection accidents
  • Speed is often a factor
  • There is often no way for the victims to brace themselves or to maneuver to avoid the accident
  • The force of the impact is likely to cause serious injuries, such as head injuries
  • Rear end shunt accidents can affect motorcyclists, who are more vulnerable
Getting Your Life Back on Track After a Serious Car Collision

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you will want to:

1) Get a support system. Being injured in a serious car accident is not just about physical trauma. Many people who have been in a serious crash also experience depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other issues. Even if you don't face these challenges, the road to recovery can be long and at times disheartening. It is important to get a support system, whether that involves a support group, a counselor, therapist, or other forms of help.

2) Set reasonable goals and focus on recovering your life bit by bit. It is important not to push too hard. If you have suffered a severe injury and have become paralyzed or have suffered a permanent injury such as a spinal cord trauma, you may not be back to your everyday routine immediately. It can take months or years to recover some of your abilities. You will want to go to physical therapy and speak with your doctors and counselors to get the best treatment that allows you to recover as much of your mobility and your life as possible.

Another important thing you can do for yourself after a serious traffic collision is to get legal advice from a personal injury attorney so that you can seek compensation to pay for counseling, medical care, and any services you may need. If you need to get legal advice, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free legal assessment of your potential case.