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Pembroke Pines Sexual Assault

In cases of sexual assault in Pembroke Pines and Florida, it is not unusual for survivors to feel angry, anxious, fearful, and traumatized. It is also not unusual for them to suffer losses of tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages and medical expenses as well is incidental costs related to the attack. One way to recover is to seek a civil claim as well as criminal charges against the perpetrator as well as against any liable parties. Speak to a personal injury attorney in your community to find out what options you may have for seeking compensation and justice after your attack.

Get answers during a free consultation with Flaxman Law Group. It is natural to have questions after an attack. You may wonder how you will make up lost time at work or how you will pay for any medical bills you have. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have helped thousands of plaintiffs with legal advice and representation. We can consult with you in a free, no commitment case review to offer you some of the answers you may be seeking. Do not hesitate to contact our law firm today if we can be of any help.

Finding Justice after an Assault in Pembroke Pines or Your Community

Survivors of sexual assault often need to take time to heal after the trauma of their attack. However, many survivors also bravely seek justice in their situation and seek to ensure that others are not injured in a similar way.

There many ways to seek justice after an assault. For example, survivors can report their attack to authorities and can help police with their investigation so that police can press charges against the perpetrator. Many survivors also choose to work with advocacy groups to help other survivors of assault.

A third option for survivors is to seek a civil claim against the perpetrator and other liable parties. Seeking a civil claim is something different than seeking to press criminal charges against the attacker. In a civil claim, survivors can seek compensation as well as punitive damages from their attacker, other liable parties, and any insurance company representing the liable parties. This allows the attacker to seek resources for medical care, counseling, lost wages, and other expenses.

It also sends a strong message to those responsible for the attack and can help bring about changes that protect others. For example, if the liable party in the case is the property owner who failed to keep a property safe for visitors, a civil claim will often provide the financial pressure needed for the property owner to make their property more secure so that other attacks to not happen.

Do You Need Assistance Pursuing Justice in Your Case?

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