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Pembroke Pines Bald Tires / Tire Blowout

You’ve probably seen the rubber from tire blowouts along Pembroke Pines and Florida highways and roads. Often, these pieces of rubber occur after a tire blowout. In addition to the dramatic tire blowouts that you may see on the roads, there are many types of tire issues that can lead to traffic accidents. If you have been involved in any motor vehicle crash involving a commercial truck, you will want to find out whether truck tires or another preventable cause led to your injuries.

If you are seeking answers after being injured in a traffic crash, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. Our law firm stands on the side of those who have been injured. We are proud of the fact that our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined legal experience to put work for you today. Our law firm's founder even has more than 10 years of experience in the insurance industry as well as more than 25 years of experience as a personal injury attorney. This level of expertise ensures that we have the network of professionals as well as the trial experience needed to aggressively pursue cases on behalf of our clients.

Issues that Lead to Tire-Related Trucking Crashes

There are a host of tire issues that could put you at risk of a traffic collision:

  • Overinflated tires
  • Underinflated tires
  • Incorrectly maintained tires
  • Tire defects
  • Tires that are not replaced in a timely manner
  • Incorrectly replaced tires
  • Incorrect tire for the type of traffic or the heaviness of the cargo
  • Older tires on which the rubber has disintegrated
  • Incorrectly retreaded tires
  • Tires with low tread or bald tires
  • Tires that have been aligned or installed incorrectly

Any time that truck carriers and truck drivers do not take proper care of their tires and trucks, you and your family may be at risk of a collision.

Do I Have a Claim?

It can be difficult to tell whether you have a claim after a commercial truck accident. This is because in many cases it may not be immediately apparent what has caused the accident. Even if a tire blowout has resulted in the collision, what caused the tire to fail? It could have been a manufacturer defect, the driver failing to follow federal guidelines, or a poor maintenance schedule on the part of the trucking company.

In order to find out whether you have a claim and to find all liable parties, a thorough investigation of your case must be launched. In addition, to determine whether you have a claim you often need a good understanding of Florida and federal trucking laws. Your best option if you want to know whether you have a claim and to understand how much your claim may be worth is to speak with a personal injury attorney in Pembroke Pines or your community.

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