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Pembroke Pines Unsafe Lane Changing Accidents

Unsafe lane changes in Pembroke Pines occur every day on our roads, and in most cases they simply result in a few choice words and some anger. After all, there's no reason for a driver to be trying to make a lane change in area where it is not permitted and there is no reason for a driver not to take the extra seconds to check for oncoming traffic or to check their blind spot before make the lane change. In some cases however, reckless lane changes lead to serious or even fatal accidents.

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Unsafe Lane Change Car Collisions In Pembroke Pines And Florida Are Often Complex

In many cases, lane change accidents happen in an instant and it can be difficult to determine exactly where each car was at the time of the incident and exactly what happened during the crash. Sometimes, authorities have a hard time re-creating the scene of the collision and getting real answers.

One of the big challenges in these cases is that often the vehicle that strikes another vehicle is not in fact the at-fault driver. This can make it harder to determine fault, since authorities tend to assume that the driver that struck another vehicle is at fault. In a typical rear end shunt collision in Pembroke Pines or Florida, for example, the car that strikes the car in front of them is usually considered the at-fault driver. In a lane change accident, however, the driver who is responsible for the collision may be the impacted driver. If a driver is so distracted that they failed to signal or failed to check their blind spot before changing lanes and another car crashes into that vehicle, it is the car that crashes into the initial vehicle that is the victim and the distracted driver who was the at-fault driver. However, proving this can be difficult.

In fact, after a lane change accident it is not uncommon for the at-fault driver to blame other drivers for the collision. In these cases, it is important work with a qualified lawyer who can review the details of the case, speak with accident reconstruction experts and witnesses, and build a strong case that shows exactly what happened in the seconds leading up to the accident.

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