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Pembroke Pines Pharmacy Negligence

Pembroke Pines, in Florida’s Broward County, lives up to its motto of "Join Us - Progress with Us." The city has been growing and expanding, reaching a population of 154,750 in 2010 and becoming the second largest city Broward County. Incorporated in 1960, the city was named after the many pines that were native to the area.

The Flaxman Law Group legal team has had the privilege to work with many personal injury and pharmacy negligence plaintiffs from Pembroke Pines and Southern Florida. The staff has seen first-hand the devastation that pharmacy malpractice can cause. If you believe that you may have sustained an injury through your pharmacy, the Flaxman Law Group is standing by with resources.

Dealing with Pharmacy Malpractice in Pembroke Pines or Your Community

Across the country, 4 billion prescriptions are filled on average each year. About a third of those are filled at major pharmacies belonging to pharmacy chains. Unfortunately, each year millions of people are affected by pharmacy negligence, malpractice, or mistakes. In many cases, these patients suffer serious complications, allergic reactions, drug interactions, or even fatalities.

As more people rely on prescription medication due to an aging population and as pharmacies are increasingly concerned about profits, it is expected that more pharmacy errors may occur. Already, so many pharmacy errors and instances of pharmacy negligence have occurred in Pembroke Pines and in Florida that in 2008 the state passed new legislation to increase qualifications, training, and supervision for pharmacy assistance and techs.

In many cases, pharmacy errors are preventable if a pharmacy is correctly staffed. Errors can in many cases be prevented if a pharmacy carefully screens its staff and has procedures that ensure that pharmacy professionals take reasonable care when filling and dispensing medication. When pharmacies and pharmacy professionals fail to act in a reasonable manner and their actions result in harm to patients, pharmacy professionals can and should be held responsible for their negligence.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Pembroke Pines or Your Community?

If you have suffered from a pharmacy error or pharmacy negligence, the results can be catastrophic. You may require hospitalization, long-term treatment, or you may face complications due to the medication error. You may need to lose work time and you may need to spend additional money on medical treatment as well as transportation to and from medical care. If your injuries have been caused by someone's negligence, Florida law allows you to pursue a legal claim so that you do not have to pay for these damages out-of-pocket. If you believe that you may have a case, contact a personal injury attorney in Pembroke Pines or your area to find out about the possible value of your case and your options.

The Flaxman Law Group legal team handles pharmacy negligence and personal injury cases across South Florida. If you have suffered an unusual reaction to a medication and believe that the pharmacy negligence or pharmacy malpractice was an issue, contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation.