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Obstructions on Walkways

While courts in Hollywood and Florida expect pedestrians to take reasonable precautions, unsafe conditions such as debris or obstructions on sidewalks can cause serious trip and fall accidents and serious injuries. Obstructions can include obstacles such as overhanging weeds and trees or large items that require pedestrians to walk off a walkway to avoid a collision. Obstructions can also include small toys or objects on pathways that can lead to falls. All of these conditions are dangerous and can lead to serious injuries.

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Common Causes of Obstructions

Sidewalks and other walkways are meant to be kept clear, but there are many things that can lead to obstructions and debris, including:

  • Understaffing at businesses and facilities
  • Lack of adequate cleaning schedule
  • Poor maintenance
  • Temporary renovations or work

Businesses and private residence are expected to keep walkways clear. For example, homeowners are expected to keep the walkways to their front door clear so that visitors can get to the front door safely. Businesses such as restaurants, stores, hotels, and other establishments have an even higher duty of care to their guests and patrons to ensure that walkways are clear and safe for all patrons. When property owners do not take the adequate steps needed to keep walkways clear and safe, they can be held partly liable for any injuries that result.

Preventing Trip and Fall Accidents and Injuries

There many things that property owners are expected to do in order to keep walkways safe, including:

  • Periodically cleaning debris from walkways
  • Checking walkways for uneven surfaces and other issues
  • Placing signs in areas where construction work or other issues may cause debris
  • Providing adequate lighting so that guests can see any obstacles in their way
  • Trimming hedges, bushes, and grass to provide a clear walk space

When property owners fail to act in order to prevent injuries, they can be held partly liable if their negligence and recklessness leads to injuries.

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