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North Miami Sexual Assault

Any form of physical assault or battery in North Miami or another community can lead to emotional trauma and physical injury. However, rape, sexual abuse, and sexual assault can be especially traumatizing and can lead to more injury. Due to the intimate and personal nature of these attacks, the emotional trauma of these types of abuse and assault can be greater. As well, survivors of sexual assault and rape can suffer not only battery and physical injury but may also be exposed to life-altering and life-threatening sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

If you have been injured through physical or sexual assault, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group can meet with you to discuss your legal options. Our attorneys have more than six decades of experience aggressively advocating on behalf of abuse and assault survivors. Initial consultations at our law firm are always free of charge and always come with no obligation, so contact a member of our sensitive and professional legal team today.

Surviving a Sexual Assault Can Affect Your Finances

Sexual assault can affect a survivor physically and emotionally. Very often, the violence of the attack results in broken bones, fractures, lacerations, and other injuries. In addition, it often results in emotional trauma that can lead to depression, sleep disorders, emotional upheaval, and more.

However, what many people don't realize is that assault can also result in financial distress. Many survivors need to take time away from work as they heal and may require expensive medical treatment, counseling, psychiatric care, or therapy in order to deal with the aftermath of their attack. All of these services cost money. In some cases, the cost of needed services and treatments can add up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

There is no reason for sexual assault survivors to pay for these costs themselves. Under Florida law, survivors have the right to seek compensation from those who are responsible for their attack. They can seek compensation not only from the perpetrators but also other potential liable parties.

Who is at Fault for Sexual Assault in North Miami and Florida?

After sexual assault, there is often a lot of finger pointing. It may be obvious that the perpetrator of the assault is primarily responsible. However, there may be other liable parties as well. For example, a property owner may have failed to provide a safe environment on their property. For instance, a store owner may have failed to warn employees of sexual assaults in the area or may have failed to provide a safe work environment with well-lit parking areas and doors that lock properly. In these cases, the property owner can be held partly at fault for the sexual assault, even if the perpetrator is never found. Survivors of the assault can pursue the property owner and any other liable parties for compensation.

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