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North Miami Rollover Accidents

Each year, thousands of people are injured and killed in dangerous rollover accidents in North Miami and across the country. These types of accidents are most likely to affect SUVs, vans, and commercial vehicles, but virtually any type of car is at risk of an accident involving a flipped vehicle. In addition, when SUVs, vans, and commercial trucks rollover, they can crash or severely impact other vehicles on the road. Even if you drive a very safe vehicle, another car tipping over or losing control on the road can cause devastating injuries for you and your family.

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Serious Injuries After a Rollover Collision

In many cases, rollover accidents are very serious and the occupants are very likely to suffer serious or even fatal injuries. In fact, rollover accidents, when compared with other accidents, are more likely to cause serious injury or fatalities. This is because when a vehicle flips over, the occupants are often jostled about and may crash up against the roof, dashboard, or sides of the car.

In addition, any objects in the car – such as laptops, briefcases, or digital cameras – become dangerous projectiles in a rollover car accident in North Miami and can cause severe head trauma or facial trauma to the occupants of the car. These types of accidents are likely to result in fatalities, spinal cord injuries, soft tissue injuries, head trauma, and other life-threatening conditions.

Dealing with Expensive Medical Treatment After a Traffic Collision in North Miami or Southern Florida?

Due to the severity of injuries involved, rollover accidents can be more expensive than you think. There may be many costs associated with your accident, including:

  • The cost of medication
  • Emergency medical costs
  • Surgery expenses
  • The expense of making your home accessible for you as you recover
  • Assisted living or nursing home care
  • At-home care
  • The cost of medical devices, such as braces, crutches, wheelchairs, prosthetics, and more
  • Transportation cost to and from doctors’ appointments and lawyers’ appointments
  • Car repair or car replacement expenses
  • Emergency medical care
  • Follow-up medical care
  • Therapy, rehabilitation, and other services that may not be covered by your medical plan
  • Specialist appointments

These costs can quickly add up and there is no certainty that insurance will cover these expenses. In fact, the more serious your injuries the more likely it is that insurance will only cover a portion of the money you need. That is why it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney – a good attorney can protect you and can help you uncover options for compensation in your case.

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