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North Miami Beach Rear-End Shunt Accidents

Rear end shunt accidents in North Miami Beach and across Florida occur when a vehicle strikes the back of your vehicle and pushes or shunts you forward. This type of accident is actually one of the most common types of road traffic collisions. This type of accident is often preventable and is often caused by negligent drivers who fail to react in time to avoid a collision or are driving so distracted that they do not notice the car is in front of them. In some cases, rear end shunt accidents can also be caused by brake failure or other mechanical failure.

If you have been in this type of accident, of course you will want answers about what caused your specific accident. To get answers and to find out whether you have a legal claim, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group in order to arrange a free, confidential consultation to review your case with a personal injury attorney.

Are You Protected After A Car Accident In North Miami Beach Or Your Community?

Many drivers in Florida feel quite confident that in the event of an accident they will be looked after by their insurance companies. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some drivers find that they are faulted for an accident that occurred through no fault of their own, while others find that their insurance policies only cover some of the damages and part of the medical costs of their injuries. This can leave injury victims with tens of thousands of dollars or even more in damages to pay out-of-pocket – more than enough expenses to cause serious financial distress.

After a Collision, You Need Legal Advice

The reality is that if you have been in a serious automobile accident or traffic crash, you may not be as protected by the insurance company as much as you think you are. The insurance carrier is under no legal obligation to pay out the full maximum amount possible in your case and the insurance company may make honest mistakes that lead to an undervaluing of your claim.

Unfortunately, once you have accepted the insurance money you may have little recourse if you find out later on that your medical costs end up costing more than you initially realized. To prevent this sort of tragedy, speak to a personal injury attorney in your community soon as possible after your collision. A personal injury attorney can help you review your legal options and can help you find out how much your case may be worth so that you make an educated decision about what steps to take next after your accident.

The attorneys of Flaxman Law Group understand how important it is to pursue fair compensation to ensure that you do not face bankruptcy, eviction, and other forms of financial distress later on. If you have been injured and you would like assistance, you can always reach us through our website or at 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626) for a free, no obligation case review.