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Motorcycle Safety Advocacy

There are many organizations that advocate for motorcycle safety. Groups such as the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, the Florida Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Office, the Governors Highway Safety Association, and other organizations work hard to raise awareness about motorcycle safety issues. Some of these groups also lead educational campaigns and make resources available to the public while some take a more active role in trying to change legislation to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents in Miami and across Florida.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle-related traffic or car accident in Miami or anywhere in South Florida, you will want to speak with a local personal injury attorney before making any decisions about your case. If your accident was caused by someone's recklessness or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Compensation can help you pay for medical costs, transportation costs, motorcycle repair costs, medical bills, and other expenses related to your accident. You can contact the Flaxman Law Group at any time to arrange for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney to discuss your situation and your case. Your free consultation is a chance for you to discuss your situation and to get the facts about your rights.

How Legal Claims Can Help with Advocacy

The route to getting involved with advocacy can come in many shapes and warms. Many motorcycle accident victims in Miami and across South Florida first become involved in motorcycle safety advocacy after being injured themselves. After sustaining their injury, they realize how safety issues can affect the safety of riders across the state. In many cases, victims start their advocacy by filing a legal claim. Filing a legal claim through a personal injury attorney in Miami or Florida is an important first step, as it holds those who violate safety laws accountable for their actions. In many cases, people make important changes to the way that they drive motorcycles if they are held accountable for their actions through a legal claim. A personal injury attorney can also help you find resources in your area and even advocacy groups in case you wish to take your advocacy further.

Getting Involved In Motorcycle Advocacy In Miami Or Your South Florida Community

An attorney can investigate the accident, can help you understand your rights, and can review insurance offers. An experienced personal injury attorney in Miami can also negotiate with insurance carriers and even help you secure resources that can help you on the road to recovery. Your personal injury attorney is an important resource for you as you start on the road to recovery.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or traffic accident in Miami or anywhere in South Florida, you can contact the Flaxman Law Group at any time in order to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case. The phone lines at the Flaxman Law Group are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it easier for you to contact someone when you need to. The Flaxman Law Group also has three conveniently located offices in South Florida, including an office in Miami, for your convenience.