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Miramar Stopping Distance

Many people know that big rigs and tractor-trailers take much longer to stop when compared with smaller passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, many drivers underestimate how serious stopping distance issues can be. When truck drivers negligently follow too close behind other vehicles, they can easily crash into those vehicles if a sudden stop is required. Override accidents, or accidents where a truck literally rolls over a smaller vehicle, easily happen in this type of situation. A serious rear end collision can also happen in Miramar or your community if a truck driver follows too closely behind another vehicle. In these cases, survivors of the accident may have a legal claim against the truck driver, truck carrier, and other negligent parties.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you will want legal advice to determine what caused your collision and to determine what your legal options are. To discuss your situation with a legal professional, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time. The attorneys at our law firm have successfully represented thousands of clients, securing more than $100 million in compensation through court wins and settlements. Your initial consultation with us is free of charge and comes with no obligation, so you risk nothing by getting an honest and thorough legal review from Flaxman Law Group.

What Can Increase Stopping Distances in Miramar or Your Community?

1) Road conditions and weather conditions. Rain and other weather conditions can make road surfaces slick, which can mean that trucks are pushed forward and slide when the brakes are engaged. This can make stopping distances longer. Weather can also affect visibility, which can mean that truck drivers may take longer to notice a danger. In bad weather, it is expected that truck drivers will slow down in order to accommodate longer stopping distances. In addition to weather, the friction and traction on a roadway surface can affect stopping distances. Very smooth road surfaces can mean that a truck driver has a longer stopping distance.

2) Mechanical issues. Bald tires or worn tires don't grip the road surface properly, which can mean that when the truck driver engages their brakes, the truck travels forward for longer periods than the truck driver anticipates. Brakes that have defects may also fail to work correctly in emergency situations.

3) Visibility. Truck drivers that are sitting in cabs that allows them to see larger distances have an advantage because they are able to perceive dangers quicker and therefore are able to respond faster to potential dangers. Truck drivers that sit higher up above the road, for example, or have a larger windshield surface may be able to see dangers before other vehicles, and may be able to engage the brakes sooner.

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