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Miramar Motorcycle Maneuverability Accidents

When there are problems with the maneuverability of a motorcycle, the motorcyclist can easily lose control of their vehicle or go into a spin. This can cause pedestrian collisions, sideswipe accidents, chain reaction crashes, and rear end collisions in Miramar and other Florida communities. Although the size of a motorcycle is smaller than that of passenger cars, there is still enough force in this type of impact to cause serious and even fatal injury.

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Who Caused Your Motorcycle Collision in Miramar?

In some cases, further investigation of a collision is needed to determine what the cause of a crash was. While police and insurance investigators may look into the cause of an accident, they may make assumptions about motorcycle maneuverability that could make their evaluation of the crash incorrect. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a tendency to blame the motorcyclist in the event of a crash, even if an accident was not their fault. A good investigation is needed to clear your name and to show who has caused the accident.

A thorough investigation can also help you find all liable parties in your case. In a maneuverability-related motorcycle crash, there may be multiple liable parties:

  • The manufacturer of the motorcycle or a specific motorcycle part
  • The municipality where the collision took place (if road design plated a role in the accident)
  • The construction company working in the area where the crash rook place (if road conditions or road work contributed to the collision)
  • The mechanic or repair shop who installed a part incorrectly or was negligent in repairing the motorcycle
  • An at-fault truck or car driver

Finding all liable parties is important as it can improve the chances of securing fair compensation.

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If you need legal guidance or need answers, contact a personal injury attorney. Attorneys work with investigators and accident reconstruction experts, so they have the resources to launch an independent investigation of your collision. They can also advise you of your options in pursuing a legal claim.

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