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Miramar Physical Abuse

An assault and battery in Miramar or your community can leave you frightened and shaken. Worse, an attack can leave you seriously injured with gun or knife wounds or with serious injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord injuries, fractures, or other serious injuries. It can take months or years to recover fully from this type of attack and if your injuries are permanent your life may be changed in every way due to an act of violence.

Florida law does make provisions for those who have been injured through violence. In addition to criminal charges, civil charges are possible in these cases and may help you recover money for your medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket incidental expenses, and the other costs related to your injury. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group. Flaxman Law Group is a full service law firm located in South Florida. We have already recovered more than $100 million in compensation on behalf of personal injury plaintiffs. Meet with us in a free consultation to review what sort of recovery is possible in your potential case.

Who Is Liable For Physical Assault And Battery?

There may be multiple liable parties in a battery or assault case, including:

  • The perpetrator
  • The property owner where the incident took place
  • The security company responsible for protecting the property
  • The tenant or landlord of a rental property
  • The business where the incident took place

Finding all liable parties is important. Even if you can't find the perpetrator that has attacked you, finding all liable parties and pursuing fair, full compensation is not only your right but it can also be an important part of the healing process.

Pursuing justice can ensure that you get some closure and hold those who are responsible accountable for their actions. In addition, pursuing a legal claim can often mean that liable parties make changes that can protect others from being attacked. Finally, pursuing a legal claim and compensation can help you pay for the many serious costs that you may sustain after an attack.

Understanding Your Legal Case

If you decide to pursue an assault and battery claim, one of the issues that will arise is whether the harm that was being threatened against you was “imminent.” Another issue that will arise is whether the fear of an assault was “reasonable.” That is, did you have actual reason to fear that you would come to harm and was that harm supposed to happen immediately? Or was the threat not likely to happen or was it simply an idle threat of harm?

In the case of battery, you will need to prove that the battery was “intentional” and that the perpetrator intended to harm you or intended to commit the action that resulted in harm or injury to you. An experienced, skilled personal injury attorney will be able to build a strong case to prove that the threat against you was indeed considerable and imminent. A personal injury attorney can do this by working with private investigators and other experts who can:

  • Gather background information about an assailant
  • Build a history about the assailant's character or and previous attempts at violence
  • Speak to witnesses who saw the incident or threats made

If you would like to speak to a personal injury attorney today, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case assessment.