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Miramar Braking Failure

Trucking operators will sometimes try to improve profits by reducing costs and this can mean delaying repairs, maintenance, and parts replacement in their fleets. A big rig or tractor trailer with a broken engine will simply stop, but the frightening thing about incorrectly maintained brakes is that they allow a truck to keep going. That truck with dangerous brakes may be driving with tens of thousands of pounds of cargo next to your car on the highway when you are taking your family to the park or home from a restaurant. Each year, families are injured or even killed due to road collisions in Miramar and Florida because of incorrectly maintained truck brakes.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you may not know what exactly has caused the collision. You may not know whether it was brake failure, driver error, or another issue. That is why it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney quickly after your crash. You can always contact Flaxman Law Group, a full service law firm with offices in Miami, Homestead, and Miramar. In a free case assessment, our legal team can help you understand what steps you can take to protect yourself and what you can do to pursue compensation.

Why Insurance May Not Be Enough After a Serious Car Accident in Miramar or Florida

If you have been in a traffic crash, of course you expect your insurance company to help you protect you. After all, many insurers spend considerable amounts of money marketing themselves as people who care about your well-being and your family’s safety.

While it is true that the insurance industry is filled with compassionate and caring people, however, as a whole insurance companies are responsible not to you but to their shareholders. Their main aim is to make money and to profit so that their shareholders can profit. In an accident, this can be bad news. It can mean that insurers undervalue your claim – sometimes unintentionally – and leave you without money to pay for all your medical costs, lost income, and other expenses.

What Can You Do After a Serious Traffic Crash?

Even if you have excellent insurance, there may be many reasons why insurance is not enough. For example, your insurance carrier may make an offer before the full impact of your injuries is known. Some injuries, including chronic pain disorders, whiplash, soft tissue injuries, and even some head injuries do not present symptoms right away. By the time you realize that your situation is more complicated than you realize and you will need more extensive medical treatment than you previously thought, you may have signed away some or all of your rights by accepting insurance money. In other cases, there may be a cap placed on the amount of insurance money you can claim or the insurance carrier may undervalue your claim.

Do not simply expect insurance companies to give you full compensation. Find out all your options by contacting a personal injury attorney to review your situation. You can always reach Flaxman Law Group, a full service law firm, if you want to discuss your situation in a free, confidential case analysis.