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Miramar Road Hazards

In Miramar, road hazards can refer to anything that can impede safe travel. They can include potholes, wheel ruts, uneven roads, cracks in the roads, potholes, debris, poor signage from construction sites, malfunctioning traffic signals, and more. If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by this type of preventable road danger, you may have a legal claim against the appropriate government entities responsible for the roads as well as against other liable parties.

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Preventing Car Accidents In Miramar

There are many ways to prevent road hazards from affecting our roads:

  • Better engineering and better design of roads and roadways
  • Timely response to debris, weather conditions, and other problems
  • Responsible contractors and road work crews whose who provide adequate signage and other safety solutions
  • Proper response to reports of malfunctioning traffic signals and other issues
  • Drivers checking road conditions before driving
  • Reflective tape on obstructions that cannot be removed
  • Proper road signs and markings on the road
  • Motorists avoiding drunk driving and distracted driving
  • Engineers and other experts regularly checking road integrity
  • Cities paying for seasonal maintenance of roads

Obviously, everyone plays a role in preventing car accidents caused by road hazards. Unfortunately, not all cities and communities are responsible in maintaining roads. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have dealt with many car accident cases where a road hazard such as potholes or uneven roads were known for weeks or even months but little or nothing was done to address the issue. In these cases, pursuing a legal claim can push the appropriate government entities to make important changes that can help prevent other car and motorcycle accidents in Miramar and other communities. Unfortunately, sometimes providing the government with a financial incentive to make changes is the only way to ensure that safety measures are taken seriously.

Road Hazards and Negligence

Unfortunately, in some cases, it is impossible to prevent a car accident caused by road hazards. Even if drivers stay alert and avoid being distracted behind the wheel and even if they take all due precautions to drive safely, some road hazards, such as potholes, may simply not be visible in some lighting conditions. Motorists expect that cities take reasonable precautions to keep roadways safe for taxpayers and residents. When government authorities fail to do so, Florida law allows injured plaintiff to pursue justice in a civil courtroom.

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