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Miramar Nursing Home Abuse

Miramar is a Southern Florida community known for its good economy and environmentally-friendly aesthetic. With many employers as well as a diverse population, Miramar is located close to the water and offers much for residents and visitors alike.

Miramar is an excellent retirement community and the area has its share of assisted living facilities and nursing homes for those who can no longer live by themselves. While many of the area's nursing homes and assisted-living facilities meet a high standard of care, some families are devastated to find that the elderly loved one that they have placed in a nursing home has become the victim of Miramar nursing home abuse or neglect.

Detecting Miramar elder abuse and neglect is difficult. In many cases, family can only visit elderly loved ones in assisted living facility or nursing home occasionally. While visiting, however, friends and family may notice troubling symptoms such as bedsores, poor personal hygiene, withdrawn behavior, unexplained injuries and bruises, or other signs that abuse may be taking place. If the family notices such troubling symptoms and has trouble getting reassuring information from the nursing home about the nature of the injuries, many families decide to speak with a Miramar personal injury attorney who specializes in elder abuse.

A Miramar personal injury attorney can investigate allegations of abuse, can document and find evidence of abuse, can help remove an elderly loved one to a safe living environment, and can help the family launch a legal claim against the abusers. Launching a claim against the negligent nursing home or assisted living facility is an important step to provide closure to the family and also to help ensure that other patients and residents of the facility are not victimized in a similar way. Pursuing a legal claim can also help the family secure the financial resources needed to place an elderly loved one in a better quality nursing home or assisted living facility. In many cases, compensation can also help pay for the medical costs that are often needed in order to provide an elderly loved one with medical treatment and therapy in order to deal with the abuse and neglect. Speaking with a Miramar personal injury attorney often costs nothing and allows you to understand your options and rights, so that you can act in the best interests of an elderly loved one.

If you believe that you have seen evidence of Miramar neglect, don't delay. The longer abuse and neglect goes on, the riskier it is for the victims. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your concerns. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can help you understand what your options are in getting an elderly loved one to safety and for pursuing justice in your case. The Flaxman Law Group have decades of experience pursuing South Florida personal injury and abuse and neglect cases successfully. Put the extensive resources of the Flaxman Law Group to work for you today -- contact the firm to discuss your options.