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Miami Springs Failure to Yield Accidents

Right-of-way rules are intended to protect you and the pedestrians, motorists, or bicyclists, and motorcyclist on the road. Right-of-way rules dictate who is allowed to move forward first in various situations and who must yield. Failure to yield cases in Miami Springs and Florida cause serious injuries and fatalities each year, however, because some drivers violate these simple rules of the road.

If you have been injured in the South Florida area due to a driver who failed to yield, give the full-service law firm of Flaxman Law Group a call at 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626) to arrange a free case review. You should not have to suffer financially because someone else was discourteous or violated basic driving rules. Our attorneys can review your legal options with you so that you can meet and form a decision about what you can do in your situation.

Examples Of Failure To Yield Car Accidents In Miami Springs And Florida

Failure to yield accidents can happen in various circumstances:

  • A car fails to yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn
  • A car fails to stop at a stop sign until the drivers who have right-of-way leave the intersection
  • A motorist fails to yield to emergency vehicles driving with sirens and lights on
  • A car fails to yield when a pedestrian is crossing the street and has right of way
  • A motorist fails to yield to cross traffic at a red light or flashing yellow light
  • A truck or car fails to yield to a bicycle while the bicycle has right of way
  • A car pulls out from a private drive, parking lot, or side street without yielding right-of-way to the main road traffic
  • A truck or car fails to yield right-of-way when trying to merge onto a freeway or highway

All of these examples can cause devastating accidents and injuries. If you have been injured in this type of accident, you need an experienced and thorough personal injury attorney by your side to fight for your rights and to prove that your rights were violated because a motorist failed to yield right-of-way.

Few People Are Prepared For A Serious Injury

Unless you have tens of thousands or millions of dollars in liquid assets and savings, a serious or permanent injury can be not only personally devastating, but financially catastrophic for you and your family. The reality is that few people are prepared for a serious injury, and as a result unexpected injuries one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy across the country. Don’t let your family face financial losses; if you have been injured, get legal advice to explore all your options.

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