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Miami Springs Truck Accident

Miami Springs is a suburb of Miami. Like many communities in South Florida, it blessed with natural beauty as well as a warm climate. As a planned community, Miami Springs has been designed with careful attention to beauty, green spaces, and beautiful design. With many great schools and an economy that includes many companies associated with the aviation industry, Miami Springs is a great place to live and work.

Like many thriving communities with businesses, Miami Springs has truck accidents occur quite regularly. Unfortunately for truck accident victims, these types of Miami Springs traffic accidents can be devastating. Miami Springs truck accidents often result in permanent or fatal injuries, and those victims who are lucky enough to survive a collision often suffer burn injuries, brain injuries, fractures, and other serious injuries.

Trucking companies work with powerful insurance carriers, so it is important to have a qualified Miami Springs trucking accident attorney working on your behalf. Most insurance carriers have teams of attorneys to ensure that they do not have to pay too much for every claim. In fact, insurance industry experts have admitted that they pay the lowest amount possible in insurance claims, ensuring that the companies make a profit. Unfortunately, a low offer from an insurance company may not cover all your medical costs, lost income, and other expenses after a Miami Springs car accident. Anything not covered by insurance may eventually become your responsibility, which is why it is so important to speak with a Miami Springs personal injury attorney to ensure that your rights and your future are protected.

Charles Flaxman of the Flaxman Law Group worked for ten years as an insurance claims adjuster, and is therefore uniquely experienced in both the law and in the insurance industry. After graduating from law school in the top percentile of his law class, he has dedicated himself to helping victims in South Florida get the fair compensation and legal assistance that they need in order to start rebuilding their lives.

The Flaxman Law Group is happy to be able to offer new clients a free, no-obligation consultation. This free consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about your case, find out what your case may be worth, and discuss your options with a qualified Miami Springs attorney. The Flaxman Law Group absorbs all the risk and the cost of this initial consultation, so that you can get the answers you need before you make any decisions - or spend any money -- in your case.

If you are concerned about legal costs after your truck accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group. Your initial consultation is free and the Flaxman Law Group also works on a contingency fee basis, so you do not need to worry about legal cost upfront. When you contact the Flaxman Law Group, you can always reach a staff member. The Flaxman Law Group makes it easy for you to contact a caring and listening legal professional after your accident. Call today to schedule your free appointment.