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Miami Lakes Rear-End Shunt Accidents

Rear end shunt accidents in Miami Lakes and Florida fall into two broad categories. One common type of accident occurs if you are stopped at a set of traffic lights or traffic signs and a motorist crashes into the back of your vehicle, pushing you forward. A rear end shunt accident can also occur if the car behind you is pushed into your vehicle by the car behind them. Also known as a concertina collision, this type of multiple vehicle accident can result in deadly or serious injury.

No matter what type of rear-end accident you have been in, if you have been in a serious collision and have been injured, it is important to get legal advice. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group would like to extend the offer of a free, no obligation case consultation to you if you have been injured. Simply contact us at any time to arrange for your free appointment to discuss your legal options. You may qualify for compensation that can help you pay for lost income, medical bills, and other costs.

What Is The Process Of Getting Compensation For Your Injuries After a Crash?

If you have been in a rear end shunt accident or any traffic accident in Miami Lakes or Florida, you may seek compensation for your injuries by pursuing a personal injury claim. The claims process starts by contacting a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible after your accident. Your attorney can review your case, can ask you questions about your case, and can help you understand your legal options.

Why Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney After Your Traffic Crash?

If you decide to file a legal claim, a full-service law firm can handle most of the details for you, including the process of interviewing the other driver and witnesses, gathering evidence in your case, and taking care of all the legal paperwork and legal processes. Your attorney will periodically check in with you to tell you how the case is going and whether any progress has been made. Beyond that, the attorney will handle all the details and will let you know whether an out-of-court settlement has been reached or whether a court win has been achieved in your case. In addition, your attorney can offer you advice and assistance if you need it during your recovery process. For example, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group may be will to help you secure a car rental, can help direct you to experienced medical experts, and so forth.

If you have been injured in a traffic crash, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group. The team of attorneys at our full-service law firm have a track record of helping thousands of plaintiffs. In fact, our team of attorneys has already recovered more than $100 million in court wins, insurance negotiations, and out-of-court settlements on behalf of plaintiffs across South Florida. We are pleased to serve plaintiffs from our offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood. Simply contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to review your legal options.