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Miami Lakes Broadside Collisions

Broadside car crashes in Miami Lakes and other communities are usually preventable. They are often caused by someone not checking blind spots, making unsafe lane changes, or driving distracted. There is no reason why another vehicle should hit the side of your car in a sideswipe accident. Because broadside car accidents are generally preventable, there is often a question of liability and the possibility for a legal claim and compensation.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have more than sixty years of legal experience. If you would like to speak with a personal injury attorney today about your case, you can always contact the full-service law firm in order to arrange a free, confidential case review.

What Should You Do after a Serious Broadside Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Collision in Miami Lakes?

If you have been in a serious sideswipe collision, there are several things you will want to do:

1) Get immediate medical help for yourself and for anyone else who is injured. If you are lucky enough to walk away seemingly without a scratch, you will still want to contact a medical professional immediately following your accident. There are some serious conditions, including chronic pain issues, back injuries, head injuries, soft tissue injuries, and other types of injuries that do not always have visible symptoms right away. If you may have hit your head during the crash, go to the emergency room or a walk-in clinic to rule out a head injury, especially if you have a headache.

2) Start documenting the accident and injuries. Be sure to get the contact information of the other driver and exchange contact information, even if the other driver tries to wave off the accident. Take photos of the accident scene if you can and get the contact information of any witnesses.

3) Report the accident and injuries. Report the accident to your insurance company. Also report the accident to your local police authorities, especially if you suspect that drunk driving or another legal issue caused or contributed to the accident..

4) Start protecting yourself. Speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. If you are in a hospital, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group will visit your hospital room, home, or workplace. An attorney can review your options, as well as any insurance offers or settlement offers that have been made to ensure that you and your family are protected.

Are You Seeking Legal Advice After a Traffic Collision in Florida?

It’s really very simple: if you have been in a broadside car collision, you need legal advice. It is the only way to find out what options you have for pursuing fair compensation that will pay for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. If you would like to speak with a personal injury attorney before you make any decisions in your case, you can always reach Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626) for a free, no obligation case review. Our full-service law firm can take care of all the details of your claim and insurance process, leaving you free to focus on your family and on your healing.