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Miami Gardens Failure to Yield Accidents

Being in a failure to yield accident in Miami Gardens or your community can be very upsetting. It can be frustrating to know that another driver’s poor choices have led to yoru accident and it can be frightening to face a serious injury after your collision.

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The Top Three Things You Must Do After a Traffic Accident in Miami Gardens or Florida

If you been seriously injured in a failure to yield accident, there are three things you must do:

1) Take the correct steps immediately following the accident. Following an accident, immediately call for emergency services if anyone at the scene has been seriously hurt. Exchange contact information with the other driver if at all possible and take photos of the accident scene as well as get the contact information of any witnesses. Always strive to document as much as possible and to retain as much information about the accident as possible. This will protect you in case the other driver accuses you of causing the collision and can help you get fair compensation for your injuries. Of course, if you are seriously injured yourself and are whisked away to the hospital, you may not have the opportunity to start documenting right away. In this case, you will want to get a copy of the police report and the medical report and to start the process of documenting your injuries, expenses, and other facts related to the accident as soon as you can.

2) Report the accident. If the accident was serious, it is important to consult with the police. In addition, you will want to report the accident and start the insurance claims process. Be especially cautious about anyone who wants to avoid reporting an accident or who wants to not exchange driver information. Unfortunately, there are uninsured or underinsured drivers in Florida and sometimes you can get caught up in a fraud ring or in insurance law disputes if you don't take the proper steps.

3) Get legal advice. If you have been seriously injured and want to get compensation for your injuries, it is always important to get legal advice about your situation. Even if you are protected by a car insurance provider or by medical coverage, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that insurance companies will pay out the full amount you will need in order to cover lost income, property damages, medical bills, and other expenses. A personal injury attorney in Miami Gardens or Florida can help you review your options and can help you understand how much your case may be really worth. In addition, a personal injury attorney can handle the details of your case and can aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf.

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