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Miami Gardens Truck Accident

Miami Gardens is an established and diverse community in Miami-Dade County. It is well known as the site of every year's Orange Bowl and as the site of Sun Life Stadium, where many professional and college sports teams play. It is not surprising, then, that Miami Gardens attracts many sports fans, who visit for the sporting events in the city. Many of the city's residents are also big sports fans and enjoy the many special events held at the Sun Life Stadium.

Since Miami Gardens sees so much traffic due to special events, there are many car accidents and truck accidents in the city each year. Many Miami Gardens trucking accident victims believe that since they pay car insurance, an insurance provider will cover all the costs of their accident. This is unfortunately not always the case. Insurance companies are interested in remaining profitable, just like any business, and this means that most insurance carriers work with teams of attorneys as well as private investigators who work hard to ensure that insurance companies do not have to pay out any more in claims than is strictly necessary.

After a Miami Gardens truck accident, many victims find that they are offered a claim amount which does not fully cover the costs of their injuries and car damage. In many cases, insurance companies label some procedures - such as therapy or skin grafts after a burn injury - as "unnecessary" costs, leaving the victim to pay these out of pocket. For these reasons, it is important to at least consult with a qualified Miami Gardens personal injury attorney if you have been in a truck accident. A qualified Miami Gardens attorney from the Flaxman Law Group can help you estimate the total costs and damages of the accident accurately, can help determine the parties at fault, and can help you pursue your case so that the costs of your accident are covered.

If you have been in a Miami Gardens truck accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group have decades of experience and have already helped thousands of plaintiffs recover the money they needed to focus on the recovery process. Call the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case. The compassionate and knowledgeable legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can help you understand your rights and options, so that you can make a strong decision in your case. If you do decide to take action, the legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can support you at every step of the process, negotiating with insurance companies, investigating your accident, and even aggressively representing you in court if you decide to pursue a legal claim.

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