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Miami Beach Bald Tires / Tire Blowout

Bald tires and tire blowouts in Miami Beach and across Florida are unfortunately all too common. You may have seen evidence of these problems if you have seen long pieces of rubber on the road. In many cases, these pieces of debris are the remnants of truck tire blowouts.

For some drivers, tire issues do not just result in road debris. If a tractor trailer or big rig loses control of their vehicle due to a tire issue, serious accidents and injuries are the likely result. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you can always reach Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. Flaxman Law Group is a full-service law firm serving the South Florida area. Our legal team would be pleased to meet with you in order to review your potential case.

Do You Have a Legal Claim After Your Motor Vehicle Crash?

A driver or passenger harmed in a serious trucking accident caused by tire problems may have a legal claim worth thousands or even millions of dollars. Someone who has been injured in a serious traffic collision can seek damages for:

  • Medical costs
  • Job or income loss
  • Expected future income loss and medical bills
  • Incidental costs
  • Property damage
  • Car repairs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Medical services, such as physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • At-home care or nursing home care

These costs can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even more. Keep in mind that in Florida and across the United States medical costs can be quite high. Even with medical coverage, an expected medical emergency such as injuries caused by traffic collision can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in surgeries, hospital stays, medical costs, and more.

In addition, people who have been seriously injured and cannot return to their everyday life may need to hire someone to help with everyday tasks or may even require around-the-clock care or may need to live in an assisted-living facility. Combined with income loss over a period of years, these costs can easily reach millions of dollars for a serious head injury, spinal cord injury, or other serious injury.

Obviously, very few people can pay these sorts of costs out-of-pocket. This is why it becomes important to seek compensation through a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney can help you understand whether you have options for legal recourse and can help you pursue those options if you decide to seek legal redress. A personal injury attorney can also review any settlement or insurance offers and help you make the right choice based on your expected total injury costs. If you have been injured, protect yourself and your family today by contacting an attorney today.

What To Do If You Think You Have a Claim

In traffic accident cases, it is important to seek compensation so that you can pay for quality medical care, lost wages, and other expenses. Pursuing a legal claim can also push the manufacturer to issue a recall against defective products and can help prevent other injuries from occurring to others.

Any time that you have been injured, you may have a claim. If you are not sure whether you have a case, contact a personal injury attorney in Miami Beach or your community for a case evaluation. To reach an attorney today, contact Flaxman Law Group to schedule a free appointment for an initial consultation.