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Miami Beach Amputations

Suffering a loss of limb or amputation in Miami Beach can cause financial distress, pain and suffering, and a lot of stress about the future. To face a brighter future, contact a personal injury attorney in Miami Beach soon after your accident to discuss your legal options and your rights to compensation.

If you are an amputee in Miami Beach or anywhere in South Florida and believe you may have a legal case, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a thorough and free case review. The lawyers at the Flaxman Law Group have more than 60 years of experience handling cases similar to yours.

What Damages Can I seek After an Amputation in Miami Beach?

When pursuing an amputation case, there are two types of damages that victims can seek: non-economic damages and economic damages.

Noneconomic damages refer to the non-monetary costs of losing a limb. This may refer to pain and suffering, loss of employment, the struggle to relearn basic tasks without a limb, and so forth. It can be extremely challenging for juries to set a damage amount for noneconomic damages, since these damages are not finite. The Flaxman Law Group legal team works to present a detailed analysis of the likely noneconomic damages at a victim can face, so that victims get the fairest compensation possible.

Economic damages, as the name suggests, refers to the finite monetary damages that an amputee will likely suffer. These include income loss, medical bills, transportation costs, and so forth. While it is easier to determine these, economic damages can still present a challenge. In many cases, insurance carriers try to present an immediate offer to victims, without carefully considering the long-term damages that these victims are likely to suffer.

The Flaxman Law Group has worked with thousands of amputee and catastrophic injury cases in Miami Beach and across Florida and has developed a system for calculating the likely long-term cost of any injury. For an amputee, this is what especially important since the long-term costs must take into consideration developing prosthetic technology and the likely costs of prosthetic limbs over the lifetime of the patient.

While an amputee may decide not to get state-of-the-art prosthetics, it is likely that they will want to improve their mobility and function as technology permits it. Unfortunately, prosthetic limbs that offer the latest technology cost tens of thousands of dollars and will have to be replaced multiple times over the lifetime of the patient. In addition, the average patient will need to have multiple prosthetic limbs in order to deal with different situations – such as skiing, running, walking, and so forth. Even if an amputee is not especially active, they deserve to have the highest quality of life possible, and this means having access to the prosthetic technology that can help them live a full and active life.

What Sets the Flaxman Law Group Apart from Other Law Firms?

The Flaxman Law Group legal team has more than 60 years of combined legal experience and has a case record of thousands of successfully resolved cases and trials. In addition, the Flaxman Law Group legal team is truly compassionate and professional when dealing with each client. To get more information, contact the Flaxman Law Group today for a free appointment.