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Incorrect Dose

When hospitals, emergency rooms, or physicians offer drug therapy or medication to a patient, checking for correct dosage is essential. The right medication at the wrong doses can cause serious complications, injuries, brain injuries, and even fatalities. Incorrect dosages, however, occur in Miami and area hospitals and medical facilities all the time. In many cases, these are completely preventable errors that are caused by poor communication or poor policies.

If you have been seriously injured by the wrong dose of the medication, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim in Miami or your community in order to seek compensation that can help you pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages related to your injuries. To get the details about your legal rights and the laws that protect you, you can always reach the Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney.

How Does Incorrect Dosage Happen in Miami and Area Medical Settings?

Wrong doses can occur as a result of several issues:

  • pharmacy errors
  • misdiagnosis
  • failure to monitor patients
  • failure to note when patients are given a medication
  • failure to check patient medical history
  • not accounting for patient size or age
  • giving children an adult dosage
  • lab errors
  • illegible prescriptions
  • not double checking dosage amounts
  • anesthesia errors

No matter why they occur, wrong doses can have significant negative results. In some cases, patients can go into shock, cardiac arrest, or have seizures because they're given the wrong drug at the wrong dose. Medication errors are also a key cause of surgery error claims in Miami and South Florida. Anesthesia errors in this situation can be extremely dangerous. When an anesthesiologist provides the wrong dose to a patient, the patient can regain consciousness during surgery or can experience a drop in blood pressure or slowed heartbeat during surgery, which can be extremely dangerous.

What to Do if You Think You Have a Medical Malpractice Claim in Miami or South Florida

If you have been injured because you have been given the wrong dose of medication, of course you will want answers. In many cases, however, medical professionals are reluctant to take responsibility for the recklessness and negligence which has led to a medication error. If you suspect that you may have a personal injury claim in Miami or South Florida, it is important to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney who has experience in medical malpractice and pharmacy error cases. Pursuing compensation can help bring about important safety changes and can help you get closure and answers about your situation. It can also give you the financial resources you need to get the medical help you require. If you have been permanently or seriously injured, the costs of medical care for you may be substantial, and pursuing a legal claim can help with those costs.

Are you looking for an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Miami or South Florida? You can always reach the Flaxman Law Group legal team to discuss your situation. The Flaxman Law Group team of legal professionals has been helping personal injury and medical malpractice victims in Miami and across South Florida for more than 25 years. Successfully resolving thousands of cases, they have recovered more than $25 million on behalf of plaintiffs. Put this trial knowledge and legal experience to work for you today by contacting the Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.