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Improper Wound Care

For seniors, improper wound care is a serious concern. An elderly person in a nursing home may have wounds for a number of reasons. In addition to the regular wounds sustained through any small accidents, seniors may sustain diabetic sores, wounds from surgery, and other types of injuries. Without proper care, these wounds can become infected. Infection is preventable so if a family member is injured it is important to consult with a Hollywood nursing home neglect lawyer for legal advice.

The Dangers of Improper Wound Care

The elderly have thin skin due to age of may have pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, shingles, and other conditions which can make it harder for wounds to heal rapidly. For all of these reasons, careful attention to wounds is especially important.

In addition, once a wound becomes infected it can become dangerous and even life-threatening for elderly person. An untreated infected wound can fester and can eventually necessitate amputation. In some cases, untreated wounds can cause fever, disorientation, loss of consciousness, blood infection, and even fatal complications.

Improper wound care is also important because it can be an indication of a larger problem, such as abuse. When skin injuries such as bed sores occur, it is usually an indication of nursing home understaffing or neglect. Bed sores and infected wounds are preventable with proper care, so when these issues occur it is a sign that an elderly patient is not getting the care they deserve. For this reason, if you see evidence of improper wound care or an infection, it's important to consult with a nursing home neglect lawyer serving Hollywood or your community.

Preventing Improper Wound Care

There are a few ways to ensure an elderly patient gets proper care. Carefully research facilities and caregivers before placing an elderly family member in care environments. Check to make sure that there is adequate staff and a good nursing staff to patient ratio to ensure each resident can get proper attention.

Even when a nursing homes has good ratings, visit often. Being able to see for yourself whether someone has wounds can help you determine how well he or she is being taken care of.

When to Contact a Lawyer

When you see signs of a serious infection, bed sores or unexplained wounds, it's important to demand an explanation and a full investigation. If you suspect negligence or abuse, it's important to contact a nursing home neglect lawyer promptly. An attorney can advise you of your rights, may be able to help you file a claim if it is appropriate to do so, and can take steps to protect you and your elderly family member.

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